Episode 308: Coaching Session with Patti – Is It Hard For You To Get Traction And Make Progress?

Get Traction and Make Progress


If you are doing many things better than you did in the past, but you think you just aren’t getting enough traction toward the weight loss you are working on, join me today for another live coaching session all about how to keep going until you get the results you want in all areas of your journey.

Just like in episode 304, where you listened in on a coaching session with Zee, who struggled with a long-held belief that life is hard, and in Episode 306, where I had a session with Gayle, who had trouble leaving food even if she ate enough, today you will listen in while I coach another member of our Freedom Group, Patti.

I think you know that when you work on how you eat, how you think and how you care for yourself, of course you’ll see some progress. But maybe you wish you could see a bigger change in that number on your scale.

You might feel more peaceful, happier, even. And yet you know you could do better in the eating part of the program. This is common.

When we change, it’s not in a nice, neat format and in a straight line going up.
It’s little bits here and there and it might feel random.
But all those little bits add up to give you the result you want if you stick with it.

If your habit is making small changes in how you eat, but not enough to give you solid traction, today’s coaching session is for you.

Remember that these are live sessions with me and a member of the freedom group…they are not scripted or planned. And our members most likely don’t have professional microphones. But the content is important for you to hear.

We do these episodes to give you an idea of what coaching is like, and what it might be like for you as a member of the FG.

I also want you to know that whatever your struggle with eating and weight is, you are not alone. And if someone else and get help and conquer their struggle, so can you.

Join me in this coaching session with Patti. See what you can learn. Be sure to listen to the end of the coaching session where I will tell you different ways you can learn more from me. If you are not ready for the Freedom Group, click on the link below these notes and see what I’ve created for you.

Visit https://WeightLossMadeReal.com for free resources and to learn about all the ways Cookie can support your goals to end emotional eating, habitual overeating, and lose weight permanently.


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