Episode 305: Pep talk: Why You Should Stop Overeating

Pep Talk


Right now, there are so many messages in the world about how to deal with overeating and whether you should deal with it at all.
So, if you listen to podcasts as you are doing now, or read the news, or look at television or magazines…here are some of the messages you might be getting:

  •  Accept yourself as you are…. don’t worry about how much or what you eat.
  •  Don’t change, it’s too hard….
  •  Life is short, enjoy yourself…. if you don’t do this now, when will you do this?

AND yet at the same time, you also get messages like these:

  • You must stop overeating.
  • It’s a habit that means you are less than.
  • Not acceptable as you are, always aim to be the best version of you.
  • If you don’t you won’t ever be happy.
  • Life is short, so you have to be your best, keep striving.

What is the result of all these messages?

  • Confusion, lots of thoughts spinning around in your mind.
  • Should you work on your overeating? Or just live with it?
  • I know it’s hard to commit to a goal if you are confused.
  • When you’re confused, you are not focused on achieving any one thing.
  • You don’t have clarity on what you should do, or why you should do it.
  • You listen to all those messages and keep vacillating back and forth.
  • Should I worry about my overeating? Or not?
  • And of course, when you’re confused about what to do, and whether to do it, it’s hard to believe your goals are achievable. You have so many, that means there is so much to do and so little time…. how can you expect yourself to feel confident that you can do what it takes?

Well, here’s What I think:

  • I think the more you clean up and eliminate unhelpful habits, the more real your life will be.
  • The more authentically you’ll be living your life.
  • You do this for you… not to fit into the society you live in.
  • You don’t do this to be thin so you can be acceptable.
  • You do this to be able to handle your whole life, ups and downs without the crutch and distraction of extra food.

Join me today for this short and sweet pep talk, from me to you. xoxo

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