Episode 304: Coaching Session With Zee – Life Is So Hard

Coaching Session with Zee - Life is so Hard


Welcome to episode 304. Today we are going to do something completely different from anything I’ve done in the last 303 episodes.

I’m going to share with you a live coaching session I recently did with Zee, a FG member. In the FG I asked for volunteers to be coached live for this podcast. Zee was one of the first brave women to step up and raise her hand.

This is not an episode with a script or notes or even an outline. It is not an interview. It is me coaching Zee on a topic that she wanted help with. I wanted to share with you what a coaching session is really like, behind the scenes.

So many of you have been faithful listeners for a long time. You’ve heard me talk about all the topics that fall under the categories of Eat, Think and Love.
You’ve heard me talk about your mind, your thoughts, eating, planning, dealing with a lack of belief in yourself and about how to create motivation.

You’ve heard me talk about all these things that I teach and share in the Freedom Group. And one of the ways we do that is by having several live coaching calls each month with myself and my team.

What I realized recently is that most people have no idea what coaching is like. Who does what? What do people say? Is it hard? Is it embarrassing? Does it feel good? What do you get out of it?

These questions and so many more ran through my mind as I put myself in your position, as a woman who may never have worked with a coach and really has no idea what it would be like.

So this is the ultimate share. Zee and I are sharing a session we did very recently about a theme that runs through her life, and how to change it.
We cannot change our past, and of course whatever we go through, if it’s significant, leaves a mark in our present. But if a theme from the past takes away from the quality of life you have today, then coaching is the perfect thing to help you see what is hard for you to see by yourself.
To help you begin to loosen long-practiced habits so you can be the version of yourself that you want to be, not just in what you achieve, and what goals you reach. But in feeling good about yourself so you can simply enjoy your life.

I have several more of these live coaching podcasts planned for you in the very near future. So stay tuned.

Remember, some of our members ask to be coached, and many simply listen and learn from hearing and watching a fellow member being coached. Our struggles are so similar that just doing that can help you tremendously.

See if you can imagine doing this yourself. Allowing yourself to look at your life, your eating, your habits, with the guidance of a compassionate coach. And imagine what your results could be.

So thank you in advance to Zee for stepping up and sharing her story with you and thank you for being here and listening and considering taking that next step to learn how to change what you want to change.

Listen to the end of the coaching session where I will tell you different ways you can learn more from me.



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