Episode 292: Give Yourself A Break Without Using Food

Give Yourself a Break
If you’re like the women in my Freedom Group, you’re juggling many responsibilities and activities—work, family, education, hobbies, and more. And of course, you’re also committed to your eating and weight-loss goals.

Even if you’re managing to keep all the balls in the air, you might feel like one little slip-up will send everything crashing down. There’s always a problem to solve, a job to finish, a goal to accomplish.

That’s why in today’s session we’ll talk about what it really means to take a break, and how to take one without giving up on your Project You.

Do you ever think: “I need a break.”? You might say this often—to yourself, and to people around you. I know I do. But have you ever thought about what “a break” means to you? Does it mean turning off your phone and watching a movie for the afternoon, or does it mean getting on a plane and escaping to the Bahamas for three weeks? Good fantasy, right?

When you’re doing something new or hard, wanting to pause for a while is normal. It doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the goal. And it doesn’t mean you’re lazy or unmotivated. It just means you are putting in more effort than you did before, and your body and mind need to adjust, which takes time. There is nothing wrong with you.

If you equate “taking a break” with “eating whatever, whenever, however much,” you’ll start reneging on your commitment to Project You.
• You might temporarily enjoy the pause, but you’ll soon be frustrated when it’s hard to get back on track.
• You might find yourself back in the struggle with overeating, being frustrated with yourself and feeling out of control.

But, if you start thinking of “taking a break” as “giving myself extra care,” you’ll step away from the things that are truly wearing you out.

Join me as we figure out a way for you to give yourself that break you need without derailing all the hard work you’ve put into becoming a natural eater.

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