Episode 276: How to Be Consistent With Your Eating

How to be consistent

Today we’re going to talk about how to be consistent with your eating. This doesn’t mean being perfect with your eating. It means doing enough of the right things over time, until you create the results you want. Here’s how to do it!

What do I mean when I say consistency?

Consistency means doing what works. It means sticking with what is proven to work. If what you're doing is working, you want to put blinders on to avoid the latest guru telling you to try a new thing.

Consistency is about following a plan that you have investigated that makes sense, and not being distracted by all the other options out there. That doesn’t mean you can never change your path. It means you don’t flit back and forth out of lack of conviction, or boredom or lack of determination.

What happens when you are consistent with your eating?
Your results add up.
And your actions add up.
They become a part of your identity, that mental picture of who you are.
I’m a woman who does ___.
I’m a woman who eats a certain way.
Who thinks ahead about her day and her week.
And what she wants to achieve.
And then does it….
over and over again…. those consistent right actions add up to your best eating habits.

One consistent action in the right direction leads to the next one.
And each one makes you feel good, like: wow today I did it.
I waited to be hungry to eat.
Now I know I can do it.
I’m going to do it again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.
And pretty soon those links in your consistency chain will be so strong that you won’t have to pay attention to them. And you will move onto other links, other goals.

Join me today as we discuss how you can become more consistent in the eating habits you wish to have.

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