Episode 275: How Pat Lost Weight And Fulfilled A Lifelong Dream

How Pat Lost Weight

Today we have a treat for you: a chat with a Freedom Group member who’s accomplished so many amazing things.

I want you to hear how she overcame nighttime eating, created a great relationship with her body, lost weight, overcame fear, learned to deal with family events without going back to square one, and fulfilled a major dream.

I’m so proud of her and I’m honored to share her story.. so, join me as we visit with Pat.

I hope after listening to how Pat lost weight, you are inspired to pursue your own dreams and act on them right now.

In the Freedom Group, where I work with women like Pat, we focus on learning why we overeat. I teach you how to deal with uncomfortable emotions, so you stop running to food every time you are stressed.

Going to a family function and don’t want to erase all the progress you’ve made? No problem.

Struggling with feeling so worn out at the end of the day that you MUST escape into a bag of chips and a glass of wine? No problem.

Have dreams that have been on hold until you finally lose that extra weight? We’ve got you.

Remember, if Pat can do these things and change her habits, you can, too.

You’ve heard me talk about the Freedom Group for many, many episodes. And right now, if you are listening in real time when this episode is released, I want you to know that the FG is open for enrollment tomorrow.

We are open for a few days only, so mark your calendar and check your email to get the link to learn more and join me. See the link here in these show notes.

Imagine being supported and taught new ways to think about your eating. Imagine someone gently showing you your thoughts and coaching you so that you can finally end a habit that colors your whole life…the habit of overeating.

The Freedom Group opens for new members a few times a year. If you are already on my email list, you’ll get an invitation to join me tomorrow.

The FG is where we take what we talk about here and personalize it for you on a much deeper level. It’s an affordable monthly membership with tons of coaching, teaching and support from me and my team.

It’s where you will learn my proven Eat, Think, Love program, which takes weight loss and ending overeating to a whole new level.

As you search for an answer to end your struggle with weight and eating, make sure you are open to hearing a solution when it’s offered to you.

I hope you join me tomorrow to end your struggles once and for all.

Join the Freedom Group

Visit https://WeightLossMadeReal.com for free resources and to learn about all the ways Cookie can support your goals to end emotional eating, habitual overeating, and lose weight permanently.


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