Episode 273: Are Your Friends Supporters Or Partners In Crime?

Friends supporters or partners in crime

Do your friends support your eating goals? Or are they really partners in crime? Listen in today to hear my own story of my former partner in crime.

Today we’re talking about the culture of our friendships.
The people we spend time with, the people we look up to, and go to for advice.
We want their approval.
We want their love.
We want to be accepted by people we care about.

What happens when you try to swim upstream against the not only diet culture but also your friends’ culture?
I want you to see that how your friends think and what they believe and what they do in the world of eating and weight is an influence that is very close to home for you.

And today we’re going to shine the light on how our friends help us make all kinds of eating decisions, some that are helpful and some that are definitely less than helpful. Some that support us and some that lead us down a dark path.

You’d assume that as friends you’d support each other and cheer each other on and help each other say yes or no to things that might help you or hinder your progress.

But your friends might not know how to do this, and I am going to give you some examples of how friend support could work and also how it could turn into each of you supporting the other in jumping ship and giving up on your goals.

Join me as I share my story of my own special long-term friend and how we used to handle supporting each other….or not!

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