Episode 260: Are You Hungry Before Bed? Here’s What To Do

eating before bed

Do you eat right before bed?
Is this your habit?
Let’s look at the eating before bed habit so we can decide if it’s giving you the results you want, or not.

Let’s look at the reasons for wanting to eat before bed that come from physical hunger, from physical causes.
If we look back at your last meal, which was likely dinner, check in to see if you ate less at dinner than you usually do.
Sometimes you might intentionally eat less because you are trying to lose weight.
Your brain knows this, but your body doesn’t and your body is asking for more food.
So, if you don’t feed yourself based on what and how much your body wants, you might be depriving your body of food it naturally needs.
Later, before bed, you will be hungry from the food you denied yourself and will ask you to feed yourself.
And maybe you ate less all day, not just at dinner.
Maybe on this day you moved your body more…it really takes a lot of exercise to truly expend significantly more calories, and if you actually do that, you will feel hungrier, at the end of the day. your body is tallying up what you gave it, and it feels like it is coming up short.
So, it is demanding more food.
I don’t want to go to bed and wait till morning.
I want to eat now.

What if you ate your usual amount at dinner but less dense?
Example: only fruits or veggies
Lots of high-water content food
They may have filled you up but were digested quickly
Your body wants more
Now what if none of those physical reasons came up for you and led you to want to eat before bed
What if it was something else?

And maybe your habit is emotional…. you feel sad or frustrated with your day, and this is like your bedtime gift for yourself.
You think you deserve something
Or you feel lonely, and the food is your company
It distracts you from what you are feeling.
Unappreciated, worried, fearful of something

So, with all these possible causes, how do you decide whether to eat or not?
You know I’m a big believer in getting at the origin of a problem.
To solve your pre-bed eating, let’s work backwards to do this.
Are you ready?


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