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Episode 257: How You Eat Is How You Do Everything!

Episode 257: How You Eat Is How You Do Everything!

Did you ever hear the saying: How you do one thing is how you do everything?
This is true and it’s even reflected in how you eat.
Join me today as we step back and take a look at how you live your life from a 10,000-foot perspective, and zero in on why you eat the way you do. And how the rest of your life is connected to how you are eating now.

What does this old Zen saying mean?
• The way you do one thing is the way you do most things
• You have a perspective, a world view that you use as a filter and that’s how you do life
• So, the way you act in one area is the way you do most things, even unrelated things
• You may not be aware of how interconnected it all is, but when you act in a certain way, it feels congruent….things just feel right.

I want you to think about the big picture of how you live your life
Do things seem to line up for you?
Does your life feel chaotic or fairly predictable?
And I don’t mean predictable in a boring way, but in a way where you feel like yourself.

How does this knowledge apply to your life and how you eat?

How You Eat is How You Do Everything

Let’s look at what parts of your life you are frustrated with, often.
If you are here, your eating will probably show up in this category.
Maybe your pattern is to always eat too much, more than your body needs…just in case. And it’s likely that you are doing this in other areas too.
Because you think you just never have ‘enough’.

Maybe you are frequently in a habitual mood, and you just accept it as ‘yeah, that’s just how I am’.
You don’t question why that mood shows up so often.
And likely, if you don’t question where that mood comes from, you probably won’t question why that type of mood leads you to eat to escape from it.

Maybe you feel like you never have time for yourself.
And in other areas, you have lots of thoughts about how you have to earn self-care.
You don’t deserve down time when there is so much to do.
You can’t focus on yourself or your eating because there is just no time.

See how one habit shows up in so many different places?

Let’s dive in and see why…how you eat is how you do everything!

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