Episode 254: Did You Just Overeat? What’s Next?

Dis You Overeat?

Today we are going to talk about slipping and getting back on track without struggling.

Slips are inevitable when you are learning something new.
And your main goal when you are in a slip, is to learn how to recover from a slip without punishing yourself.

Having a slip in relation to how you are eating simply means that you ate more than your body needed. That’s it!

So today we will talk about how to recover from a slip without beating yourself, without judging yourself, and without starving yourself.

We all overeat sometimes, especially on our way toward learning how to eat naturally.

The important thing to look at when you DO overeat is what you do immediately after.

Do you punish yourself?

Do you restrict your eating to ‘make up’ for what you just overate?

You may very well be sabotaging yourself without realizing it!

Restricting your eating following an overeating episode, messes with your survival instincts.

It reinforces a habit that is exactly what you want to stop doing! When you don’t give yourself enough food, to make up for overeating, your brain thinks you are starving. And this will make you want to eat even more.

Listen in and join me in this coaching session as I teach you why it’s so important not to restrict your eating after you’ve overeaten.

If you regularly swing between overeating and then under-eating, this session is for you!

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