Episode 203 – My Top 3 Weight Loss Concepts from 2020

Weight loss and eating struggles are complicated.
There are so many moving parts. So many things to consider.
Where to start?

Today, I’ve gathered up three of my top weight loss concepts from this past year, for you, my dear listener.
I know, if you listen to me regularly, that these coaching sessions give you a lot to take in.
You listen, and each week there is something new to focus on.

So let’s simplify things.
Here are just 3 things I want you to think about AND take action on.
You can do three things, for sure.
Here we go!

Concept #1 = You need to learn how to hold yourself accountable when you overeat without punishing yourself and without overcompensating for what you ate.

Episode 171: Hold Yourself Accountable for What You Eat

Is it good that you are not beating yourself up about a slip? Yes, of course. Beating yourself up serves zero purpose. But I don’t want you to move on from the slip until you pause and ask what you’ve learned.
I also want to make sure you don’t starve yourself to make up for what you’ve overeaten.

Got it?

Concept #2 = You need to stop stopping.

Episode 173: Stop Stopping to Get What You Want!

You need to know that when you have a fail, which you will when you learn something new, you need to fail forward and move on. Not stop, say: what the hell! And then wake up a month later.
No. You need to fail, do the right thing, and keep moving.
You lose steam when you stop and take a break because you disappointed yourself.

Stop stopping.

Concept #3 = Stop thinking there is shame in asking for help. You think: I SHOULD be able to figure this out for myself.

Episode 189: I Should be Able to Figure This Out on My Own!

Yet, you can’t.
You can argue with reality or get help and get what you want.
Does this sound like the smarter option? To me it does.

Okay, join me in this coaching session and take these three simple ideas into the new year with you.
You CAN do this.
And I can help.

Visit https://WeightLossMadeReal.com for free resources and to learn about all the ways Cookie can support your goals to end emotional eating, habitual overeating, and lose weight permanently.


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