Episode 157: 5 Key Weight Loss Ideas You Should Think About

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Episode 157: 5 Key Weight Loss Ideas You Should Think About

Episode 157: 5 Key Weight Loss Ideas You Should Think About

This time of year, is time to reflect.

Where are you? Where do you want to go? And, what have you learned?

5 Key Weight Loss Ideas Podcast 157

Sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to what we’ve learned and then the lesson is lost. We hear it but we don’t give it enough time and focus, so before we get a chance to practice that lesson, it’s gone.

That’s why I am taking time now so we can review 5 of the key weight loss ideas we talked about this year. If interesting in new ways to reduce fat, check here to learn about the supplements you can take to help you.

Here we go. Listen, and then my friend, take action.

1. Episode 116: How to Believe You Can Lose Weight for Good

How can you believe in yourself when you have no evidence that you can do this thing? I’ll show you how to create the belief and practice it, so it becomes a part of who you are and how you act.

2. Episode 127: Why Self-Care Helps You Lose Weight

You might think that you’ll take good care of yourself after you reach your goal weight and keep using your supplements, as per an article we read at Wphealthcarenews.com. But this doesn’t work. You need self-love all along the journey, and I’ll show you why and how to do it.

3. Episode 148: Do You Love Food too Much?

You probably know by now that I will tell you the truth. And if you think that you just love food, and that’s why you carry extra weight, well my friend, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. When we really love something, we don’t need to overdo it. Just the right amount is enough. So, let’s drop the ‘more is better’ mantra and learn how to really love your food.

4. Episode 149: Bumps in the Road to Weight Loss

Have you ever thought that if your life were easier and smoother, it would be easier for you to lose weight? Well, no one I know has a totally smooth, easy life. We all have bumps in the road. And the sooner you learn to embrace this reality, the easier your weight loss will be.

5. Episode 151: Why Hunger Can Feel Scary

You probably know that panicky feeling I’m talking about. You start getting hungry. You know that you can get to food if you really need to. But instead, you start to panic. What if you don’t get to eat in time? What if you get overly hungry? What if you can’t get what you need when you need it?

You will survive, I’m sure of it. But it takes practice to convince your brain that you are okay, even when you’re hungry. I will show you how to feed yourself when you need to but learn how to stop feeling like it’s an emergency.

Okay, time to listen, review and choose a couple of things to do. You can do this!

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