Episode 143: Interview with Mary, a Freedom Group Member

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Episode 143: Interview with Mary, a Freedom Group Member

Episode 143: Interview with Mary, a Freedom Group Member

I know you can relate to this. Let’s face it. We all want to hear what goes on behind the scenes. And the Freedom Group is no exception.

Interview with Mary Podcast 143

Meet Mary. A lifelong dieter, she has tried just about every eating plan and diet out there. For the past 44 years.

She started early, going from plan to plan and program to program. Always losing weight. But as soon as the programs were done, she went right back to how she used to eat and would always regain her weight.

She was either on a diet or falling off a diet. And along the way, with all the weight lost and gained, she never really learned one big thing: why she overate in the first place.

This cycle of failure made her think that there was something wrong with her. But there wasn’t.

Now Mary knows why she was triggered to overeat and how to stop it. She is much more self-accepting and has more self-confidence.

Social situations used to be a big source of stress, that required lots of planning and worry. No more. She is much more relaxed about her eating in every situation. And no longer stresses about parties and travel and holidays.

The new Mary? She can handle anything. And this is what I wish for you.


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