Episode 111: More Mindful Eating and Living — Part 2

Episode 111: More Mindful Eating and Living — Part 2

Hi there!

I hope you enjoyed Episode 110, about waking up and getting your eating off autopilot.

Mindful podcast 111

Now, continuing with that theme, you and I will work on looking at the rest of your life in a more mindful way.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this coaching session:

  • Why living your life on autopilot causes you to miss out on a lot of good things.
  • How eating without distractions sounds good but isn’t realistic for most of us.
  • Is meditation required for living a more mindful life?
  • The most common reasons I hear for why becoming mindful doesn’t work.
  • Why acknowledging that you are the center of your life makes it much easier to know what to do and what to work on.
  • Creating a vision of what a mindful day would look like.
  • A challenge to create your own mindful day vision.
  • The feelings you should have when you leave unneeded food on your plate.

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