Episode 104: Four Concepts to Focus on in the New Year

New year podcast 104

Cookie is taking a brief health-related leave of absence, but she will be back. In the meantime, listen to episodes 1 – 104 and dive deeper into all the content with the Podcast Study Guide. And be sure to get on the wait list so you know when the Freedom Group opens up, and be coached by Cookie.

Can you believe it’s the end of another year with me? We’ve had so many coaching sessions together, with lots of new information.

I wanted to take today to outline for you some of the things I want you to focus on in the New Year.

Here they are:

1. I want you to listen to Episode 57. Here, we talk about the four most dangerous words you can say to yourself. Any idea what they are? They are: “I ALREADY KNOW THAT!”

When you say these words, you guarantee that you won’t learn anything new, or change your perspective.

2. Next, revisit Episode 68. I want you to understand why it’s so important to take a leap of faith. We will talk about what it is, and of course, how to do it. You cannot move forward if you don’t do what you have never done. I understand that you have no proof that you can do the unknown, but this is how you do it. You take a leap of faith. And you build your confidence.

3. Now, we move on to Episode 70. How often do you fall down and instead of getting back up, you say: “Screw it!” This is a dead-end statement. It stops you in your tracks, and it can become very habitual. Let’s learn how to fall down and get back up quickly!

4. And finally, have a listen to Episode 75. Do you have CLEAR guidelines? How you will eat? And why? And when? And how will you know when to stop? If you are thinking, “No, but I’ll just be good,” this won’t work. Clear guidelines are the way to go if you want definite results.

Join me in this session that summarizes some of the most important things you learned with me this year.

See you soon.

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