Episode 52: The Top 8 Concepts About Weight Loss and Eating that You Learned This Year: What You Need to Know to Succeed

Episode 52: The Top 8 Concepts About Weight Loss and Eating that You Learned This Year: What You Need to Know to Succeed

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year! This is our 52nd episode of Weight Loss Made Real and I hope you’ve enjoyed your coaching sessions.

Concepts podcast 52

With so much material covered, it may be hard for you to organize it all and try to follow the concepts.

So in this episode, I’ve put together what I consider your top 8, most important coaching sessions and concepts. You might want to go back and listen to these again, as you decide what you want to choose to focus on in the New Year.

Here we go with your top 8 concepts:

Concept #1: Clear your path. Learn from your past mistakes. This is covered in Episode 2, Let’s Clear Your Path to Weight Loss Success.

Concept #2: Connect with your body. Here you’ll learn how to eat like a naturally slim person, and you can find this in Episode 3 (How to eat like a naturally slim woman) and Episode 6 (When to start eating and when to stop).

Concept #3: Challenge your thoughts. It’s mind management time! Go back and listen to Episode 7 (Managing your mind to end your emotional eating) and Episode 13 (Understanding and ending your emotional eating).

Concept #4: Check your habits. Your habits either help you or hurt you. Let’s look at what you are doing and what you’d rather be doing. You’ll find this in Episode 11 (Your eating habits).

Concept #5: Working on Project Y.O.U. Do you remember why it makes so much sense to work on your eating, your weight, and yourself in general as if it were a project? Take a listen to Episode 5, called Working on Project You.

Concept #6: Cherish yourself! You’ve heard me talk about self-care, self-worth, and self-esteem. All different ways of saying LOVE! Go back to Episode 9 and listen to How to care for yourself so you can do the right thing.

Concept #7 is all about creating your own tool kit. This is not from a published podcast, but is coming in a future episode. How to put all the things you’ve learned into a tool kit that you can pull out and use as needed to get through Project YOU.

And last, is Concept #8: Banish Your Binges. Here I remind you of some of the things I talked about with Kathryn Hansen, of Brain Over Binge, to help you get rid of those life-disrupting urges to binge. You can find our talk in Episode 8, and can apply what you learn there to binge eating of course, but also to emotional eating and general overeating.

Here’s to another year of growth for you. Keep listening and keep learning. You can do this!


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