Episode 49: How to Say ‘No Thanks’ to Food When You’re Not Hungry

Episode 49: How to Say ‘No Thanks’ to Food When You’re Not Hungry

How many times have you eaten without being hungry?

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If you’re like my clients, and me, I’ll bet it’s been many times. Maybe it’s even a regular part of how you live.

If the food looks good or smells good, you might have a lot of trouble saying no.

In this coaching session, I’m going to teach you and help you be able to say ‘no’ when you aren’t hungry, which is the earmark of a natural eater.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why you sometimes need to be able to say no to eating.
  • What stops you now from saying no?
  • Why is it so hard?
  • What do you tell yourself when others are eating and you’re not hungry? And what might you do and say instead?
  • How to get yourself, without a struggle, to say no to food you don’t need, even if it’s tempting.
  • Why you need to connect with your very compelling ‘why’ to be able to say no when it’s appropriate.’
  • How the 5 steps to dismissing an urge to binge can help you get rid of the habit of eating when you’re not hungry.’
  • And, how to practice this and make saying no a new, sustainable habit.

Join me in this useful and enlightening coaching session. You can do this!

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