When Your Emotional Eating Habit Dies

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When Your Emotional Eating Habit Dies

Emotional Eating Habit DiesI was struggling.

Something had been bothering me for several weeks.

I had done all the things I tell my clients to do: I talked to my coach, my friends and my coach friends.

I wrote in my journal. Extensively.

I cried.

I googled my issue and read about it online.

There was no resolution. But I did feel a bit more peaceful.

I had taken the issue apart. I had looked at how my thoughts were contributing to my painful feelings. And I realized that part of feeling better for me would come with the passage of time.

My thoughts would soften. My feelings would ease up. And I’d take some actions to help myself.


But that morning, I woke up and realized a habit I used to have was officially dead.

I’m talking about my emotional eating habit.

In the past, anything could set me off.

Work not working. My daughters being teenagers. A friend forgetting my birthday. Almost anything could lead me to unneeded snacking.

Snacking that left me bloated and overly full.

Regretful and remorseful.

And let’s not forget filled with self-hatred.

But I realized that I went through, and was still going through, something I found upsetting, and I wasn't eating emotionally. At all.

I was feeling my feelings. The good ones and yes, the bad ones. Even when I work on my thoughts there is some necessary pain.

That’s life.

But without the extra food to compound the problem, I was free.

Free to work on a solution, to relax my view, to create less painful thoughts.

And because I wasn't indulging in an emotional eating habit, sometimes those feelings felt worse.

Because they weren’t being muffled by food.

But my confidence was through the roof. And I could use this confidence to add to my deep knowledge that I would figure out my problem.

Without the buffer of food in between me and my problem.

It’s a much more direct route to a solution.

And even if the solution wasn’t evident right then, I knew it was there.

And I would find it.

And, if I could do this, without the extra food, then you can too, my friend.

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