When Does Fun-Size Candy Stop Being Fun?

Fun-sized candy barWhen Halloween is over, what happenings with all that leftover candy in your house?

Are your fun-size treats still fun?

Or are you paying too high a price for all the fun you’ve had?

Halloween is a great holiday.

The costumes.

The decorations.

And yes, the candy.

Many of my clients start thinking about the candy to come in early September.

Imagine, a nationally-sanctioned holiday that encourages you to have gobs of sugary treats on hand.

And how convenient that the food industry came up with the adorable ‘fun-size’ for candy!

So, how many pieces of fun-size candy can you have before it stops being fun?

It’s like all other pleasures.

There’s a tipping point.

Too little, and we tell ourselves we’re deprived.

Life isn’t fair!

Poor us!

Too much and we cross over into the land of shame, regret and self-flagellation.

What’s the answer?

How do you find that middle ground where pleasure is pleasurable, not painful?

Let’s start right now.

Look at your leftover treats.

Weed out what you don’t really love.

Toss it or give it away. Today.

Now take a look at what’s left and decide what’s really worth eating.

You are an adult.

Of course you can give yourself some candy.

But you need to decide what, when and how much to have.

Put the candy that’s left away so you’re not fantasizing about it all day.

And when you decide you’d like a little treat, indulge.




And then move on.

It will be there waiting for you until your next treat time.

What you’ve just done is SO smart!

You’ve taken charge.

You’ve made a decision.

You’ve enjoyed.

You’ve stayed in the pleasure zone.

No more guilt, shame or pain for you.

It just doesn’t taste good.

And it’s certainly not fun.

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6 Responses to “When Does Fun-Size Candy Stop Being Fun?”

  1. Lilia Lee says:

    I’ve noticed that sweets have sort of naturally fallen off the radar. I don’t eat as much, if any, candy any more.
    But I do find myself craving more of the salty snacks now. It is the same thing, I know and this applies as well to the Doritos as it does the Snickers.
    Thanks for the post. Quite inspirational.

  2. Kelly Hoffman says:

    Thanks for the insights and suggestions!

    Kelly 🙂

  3. Hi Lilia, thanks for reading! Have you replaced the sweets with anything else?

  4. How was your Halloween, Kelly?

  5. Laura Meaders says:

    I had just listened to your Podcast about looking at hard things as “challenging” instead and decided to challenge myself not to eat the leftover candy that is never ending around our office. It’s worked so far and I do feel a sense of accomplishment! I made them keep it in a brown paper bag so I don’t see every time I walk by. That helps!

  6. Hi Laura! So glad the idea of how to deal with treats is helpful. And congrats to you for not just reading and listening, but taking action! Keep me posted.