What If You Were the Exception?

Different opinionWho says it isn’t possible to stop eating emotionally? What if you were the exception?

If you are one of millions of women who turn to food when they’re upset, I’m sure you’ve read the statistics.

The statistics say that 96% of all women who try to lose weight will fail.

And even if they succeed, then most of those who do lose weight will fail to keep the weight off.

These are pretty grim statistics, no matter how you look at it.

What happens when we read these bleak reports? First, we immediately reinforce the belief that ending our emotionally eating is hard.

So hard, in fact, that hardly anyone can do it.

And, if hardly anyone can do it, then you certainly don’t truly expect to be able to conquer this challenge yourself.

So before we even start down the road of weight loss and emotional eating, we are already giving ourselves ‘an out’. We know it’s ‘probable’ that we will fail. And our journey will be really, really hard.

When we think thoughts like these, when we read stories about the struggle of weight loss, we create an uphill battle for ourselves.

We give ourselves a built in excuse.

And we set ourselves up to fail.

So what if diets really don’t work?

Let’s get real. Even if all the negative statistics are 100% accurate all the time for all people, there are still those who are successful.

There is an exception to every rule.

If 96% fail, that means that 4% are successful.

I want you to switch your focus from being doomed to fail to wanting to be the exception.

I want you to be that 4%. I want you to do things differently.

Now, what should you do?

If you tend to eat emotionally, create a way out.

Yes, there is a way out.

Don’t look at what the 96% have done. You don’t want to go down that same road. Instead, focus on what the 4% have done.

Stop looking for an outside solution to an inside problem.

Put all of your energy and attention on figuring out why you are eating when you aren’t hungry. That’s where the answer lies.

Your goal isn’t to try to be tough. Or to develop your inner willpower.

Your goal is to learn how to think like a naturally slim woman.

She’s in that 4% category. She is the exception. And you can learn what works from her.

Can you really be the exception?


And your first step is to believe that if anyone else has done it, then you can too.

Be the exception. Be the 4%.

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