What Does Your Perspective Have to Do With Weight Loss?

PerspectiveWhat is your perspective, anyway? And what does it have to do with how you eat and what you weigh?

Well, perspective is your viewpoint. Basically it’s how you look at things. And this has a huge effect on how you live your life.

How you look at things influences just about everything.

The funny thing is that we all have our own perspective about everything in our lives… but we aren’t necessarily aware of what it is.

And yet, our perspective affects our outcomes so profoundly, that I think it’s worthwhile taking a look at how we create our point of view.

Otherwise, we still end up getting results… but they may just happen by default. And then we have little input into what we wish to happen.

When you are trying to make changes in your life, like taking care of your body and being happier, there are two main ways you can look at things.

One is from up in the air, looking down. This gives you the big picture.

And the other is from on the ground, just looking at the very next step you will take.

Both are important, but it’s crucial, if you are trying to make changes, like eating differently, that you DECIDE which perspective to take, why to take it, and when.

When you are on the ground, you are focused mainly on your next step. You look at what is right in front of your nose. You make the next decision and take the next step. You are thinking in terms of inches, not miles.

This is good, right? I mean, we need to focus on what to do next and exactly how to do it. What do I eat? When do I eat? How much do I eat?

This is the ‘How’ of weight loss. It’s all about taking steps that are different from what you are currently doing. And it takes focus.

There’s a problem here, though. And that problem is that when your perspective only is from your vantage point on the ground, you don’t see the big picture. You lose sight of your reason for doing what you are doing. The ‘why’ fades away and you are mired in details.

Sometimes, your motivation simply gets lost in the tumult of next steps.

So what’s that other perspective again?

It’s from up in the air, looking down on your situation.

When you are up in the air, looking down, you get a wide angle view. You get to see the big picture. What is behind you and what’s coming up just down the road ahead?

Seeing the big picture can help you get in touch with your big ‘why’… why you want to lose weight, how you want to feel, why the heck you are trying to make a change in the first place.

This is exactly what creates motivation. Your ‘why’.

This is good, right? I mean, we need to focus on why we are doing something in order to get ourselves to take actions and move forward.

But, here’s the deal.

We can’t only look at the big picture; we need to see the small steps it takes to get there.

And we can’t only look ahead an inch at a time, and focus only on the next step… we really need to step back and see the big picture so we have desire, drive and lust for what lies ahead.

The solution?

You need to switch back and forth. View your goal from above and on the ground.

The perspective from above gives you the ‘what’ you are going after, and the ‘how’ you will get there.

The perspective from the ground gives you the ‘how’ you are going to achieve what you are going after.

So I’m asking you to flow… back and forth, from in the air, to on the ground, over and over again. This is what works.

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2 Responses to “What Does Your Perspective Have to Do With Weight Loss?”

  1. Lilia Lee says:

    Good article, Cookie. I like! I agree with you that mindset is everything in everything.

  2. Hi Lilia! Isn’t it amazing how much our frame of mind can make or break our days?