What Does Your Mirror Tell You?

woman in front of mirrorWhat do you see when you look in the mirror? Does it make you happy? Do your eyes go to what you feel good about and proud of?

Or do your eyes go right to what you might consider your faults?

It’s amazing how the mirror image we see is really very subjective.

We view it through our eyes, yes. But our eyes filter the image through our brains. And depending on the story we are married to at the moment, we might interpret that vision as either pleasing, or awful.

And then, we take that interpretation and allow it to create our mood.

Great if you decide to like what you see.

And not so great if you tell yourself that you look terrible.

Why is our self-image so changeable? It’s all based on our thoughts.

One of my favorite clients turned me on to this awesome website that demonstrates this concept exactly.

You must see this.

It’s My Body Gallery.

What you’ll find is a place to put in your height and weight. You can also, if you wish, put in your age range and some clothing sizes.

After you fill in the blanks, it will take you to pictures of regular women, just like you and me, who have sent their photos to this site. They are examples of what a woman may look like who is your size.

Prepare to be blown away!

You look in the mirror and see rolls of fat, a slack jaw, and huge thighs. And you think this is just the truth.

But when you look at other women who are your height and weight exactly, somehow… they don’t look so bad!

In fact, they might even look pretty good!

How can this be?

How can you see yourself through such a skewed lens?

It’s your mind, honey.

It’s the power of your mind, and what you choose to think.

No, your mind won’t make 30 extra pounds disappear just because you wish it so. That takes your mind plus action.

But your mind can put a filter on, which will either make you appear very ‘acceptable’ to yourself, or very unappealing to yourself.

I dare you.

Go to this site, really.

And look at what several other average women look like with your stats.

I will be amazed if you don’t view them in a much better light than you’ve been viewing your own mirror image.

Imagine the possibilities for you if you were able to go through your day, and when you caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you thought: hmmm, not bad!

Imagine how your mood would be lifted up.

And how the whole trajectory of your day would change.

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