What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

Woman looks in the mirrorWhen I ask my friends and clients this question, their answers vary.

They vary based on how they are feeling that moment.

If they are feeling pretty good about themselves, they generally like what they see. Even if they have a few extra pounds on them, their focus is on what they like. They notice their hair, their sparkling eyes, their posture, and their cute outfit.

If they are in the midst of a war with themselves, their focus goes right to a ‘problem’ area… they focus on their muffin top, their thighs, or their full face.

Did you ever notice that when you are feeling good, everything feels right? You get dressed and put together for the day, and you’re generally happy with what you see.

The very next day, however, could be a totally different story. Same person. Same life. Same body. And yet on the next day, you could be putting all your focus on every possible perceived flaw you have. And what you put your focus on grows.

So what are we saying here?

How could you be happy with how you look one day and not happy, in fact miserable, the very next day?

You don’t change in one day.

But your thoughts change constantly.

And it’s your thoughts that need to be cleaned up before you make any changes in your physical body.

Look in the mirror and notice what comes up.

If you feel good about what you see, don’t stop there.

Dig a little deeper and unearth the thoughts you are thinking that are making you feel good.

What are they?

If you bring them to the surface, and collect them, you can bring them out again on a day when you’re struggling a bit.

And on the days when nothing feels or looks right, bring up those thoughts too. Only these thoughts we won’t be collecting.

We’ll be reviewing them. Seeing if they make the cut. Will you be keeping these thoughts?

Perhaps not.

Only thoughts that make you feel good are allowed.

The image in the mirror doesn’t change overnight.

Your thoughts do.

And the good news is, you’re in charge of your thoughts. So what you need might not be a diet, or a new outfit, or a personal trainer.

Perhaps what you need is a bunch of kinder thoughts.

And remember this about mirrors:

Mirrors give us back a reflection of what we are putting out there.

That includes our thoughts and our feelings.

That explains why we can feel good about what we see in the mirror one day and not good the very next day.

Return those crappy thoughts and pull out the good ones.

After all, you’d return pants that weren’t flattering, right?

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2 Responses to “What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?”

  1. Nancy Curtis says:

    Awesome Cookie…I miss our conversations. You are the best coach I ever had! I freed myself from the weight loss captivity mode…immediately lost 12lbs…lol..go figure..was hired by our local Y to teach Pilates classes in Jan of this year and have taught over 150 classes to date..way too much fun..and launched a new business. The biggest turnaround came when I realized that stress and pressure kill goals and dreams..I now manage both instead of letting them manage me.
    Hope things are going well for you and am sure you are thriving as always..

  2. Wow Nancy! Your are rockin’ it from every direction! I am so happy that you are so clearly enjoying the ride…xo, C.