Weight Loss is Not About a Quantum Leap

Quantum leapI’m in the middle of reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson for the fourth time.

This book amazes me every time I read it. You can apply his concepts to every part of your life.

Jeff wrote the book and marketed it to the self-development world… people who wanted a better life.

Better finances.

Better relationships.

More productivity.

But what I love about this book and its perspective is how you can apply it to weight loss.

Because you can use this way of thinking to have anything you want. Including less weight.

What’s the big concept?

Mainly that we get what we want in life by taking small, regular steps in the right direction.

Not the sudden, massive leap that we all dream about.

Think about weight loss.

All the little decisions you make about how you treat your body, day in, day out.

In the moment of each decision, it feels like they aren’t very meaningful.

And in that moment, you really don’t see a big, shocking result, either.

Yet, if you keep doing the small stuff, you will wake up one day and you will have achieved what you want most.

Sounds simple, right?

But there are a few factors that make this principle hard to follow.

First, these little decisions and tiny actions are so easy to do, that they are also just as easy to NOT do.

Just like that.

You can talk yourself out of doing these little steps because they seem like no big deal.

Also, even when you do take all the little decisions seriously, you don’t see the result right away.

You ate right yesterday, you exercised, you slept well and you even took your vitamins.

Yet when you woke up today, you still weighed the same amount you did yesterday.

That lack of immediate result makes it harder to have faith and keep making those ‘right’ little decisions.

And we are wired to look for the big leap, in fact, the quantum leap.

That quantum leap is what we keep hoping for.

To wake up one day and poof! Your problem is solved.

This quantum leap happens in the movies.

Why? Because in the movies writers must squeeze days, weeks, months, and even years into two hours.

So there are lots of big aha moments and lots of improbable solutions, like winning the lottery.

Or finding the love of your life in the first 15 minutes of looking for him.

In weight loss, and in resolving all eating issues, as in life, there is no instant result.

We don’t have magical solutions.

But we do have a somewhat magical alternative.

Long periods of taking the right steps to get exactly where you want to go.

Can you give up your dream of the quantum leap?

And settle for small, consistent steps in the right direction?

If this makes sense to you, and you make the decision to keep doing what seems easy, I know you will reach your goal.

How do I know?

I see it every day.

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One Response to “Weight Loss is Not About a Quantum Leap”

  1. Lori Dube says:

    This blog is just what I need to hear today. Thanks!