Truth #5: Choose Your Perspective

PerspectiveMost of us assume that the way we look at life is the only way there is. We tend to be married to our perspective.

Our perspective of ourself. Of our relationships. Of our work.

In short, our outlook of our whole life.

This means that we walk around with only half a vision.

We aren’t seeing everything there is to see.

The good. The not-so-good. And all the possibilities in between.

This creates a problem.

When our perspective is limited, we miss out on all kinds of things, and we’re not even aware that it’s happening. We begin to think that things just happen to us. And that we are powerless.

How can we enlarge our perspective and use it to get what we really want?

Step back. Realize that we need to consciously switch back and forth between looking down on our life, and being in our life.

We look down on our life, and see the big picture of where we are. This gives us the ability to plot our future… where we want to go. This perspective helps us create the motivation we need to move forward and reach our goals.

And then, we go into our life, on the ground. This gives us the ability to be in the moment, knowing what our next steps should be, making choices, one at a time.

We need to look at our life from both up in the air and on the ground.

And we need to create a rhythm of switching our perspective back and forth.

Up in the air, looking down to see where we are headed. And, on the ground, taking steps and making choices in the moment.

Are you married to your perspective? Would you consider a separation?

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