The 4 Worst Words You Can Say When You’ve Had An Eating Slip


eating slipWe’ve all been there. We make a commitment. We plan what we’ll do, how we’ll eat, and even exactly what we’ll eat. And then, we slip.

Oh well, it’s not such a big deal, right? We’ve slipped before, in fact, we’ve all had an eating slip before.

But it’s what we do AFTER the slip that has the most impact on our results.

Do we lose weight? Do we gain weight? Or do we beat ourselves up and keep starting over again?

For many of us, it’s choice number three. We slip, and then we say, Oh well! I’ve already blown it. I may as well keep going.

And so we eat ourselves into a fast ride down a slippery slope.

In doing this, we quickly undo any progress we may have made, and send ourselves into the detention hall of dieting, where we sit and contemplate what a failure we are.

And how we’ll never get this right.

So, next time you have an eating slip, and trust me, you will definitely have a slip, here are some other words you might try on for size:

  • Oh well, I wonder why I ate that?
  • Hmmm, what’s going on for me?
  • Interesting! Let me think about how I’d do that next time.

Get it? Thinking any one of these things instead of ‘I’ve already blown it’ can take you down a much better path. A path where you have a good shot at making progress on the way to your goal.

Try one of them and see if you get a much softer feeling.

And that softer feeling, my friend, will let you absorb your slip and keep moving. And that is truly your goal.

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6 Responses to “The 4 Worst Words You Can Say When You’ve Had An Eating Slip”

  1. Julie says:

    Fantastic point!! And love the audio!

  2. Josephine Ludwig says:

    I love your voice !!!!!
    And of course your wisdom.

  3. JOANNE WAGNER says:

    This is so true about so many things. I love your blog and I now forward it to Lisa as well.

  4. Thanks Julie! Happy to see you here.

  5. Thanks Joanne! I’m so glad you can relate!