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The Scale: Are You An Addict Or An Avoider?

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

feet of a woman on bathroom scaleThe scale.

An inanimate object made of metal and plastic, that has the power to change moods, ruin days and create binges.


That’s a lot of power.

And it’s all how we look at it.

Some of us, you know who you are, cannot walk by one without somehow accidentally stepping on it.

Even at a friend’s house.

And others, well, we just give the scale a blind eye… like the friend you fought with in the 9th grade and never spoke to again, it doesn’t exist.

And yet, the scale, the innocent scale, is simply a tool.

But we make it mean so much more.

If you’re a scale addict, no doubt you have certain protocol you observe before you step delicately on its surface.

Perhaps you undress. Go to the bathroom. Mentally add up everything you ate recently. And maybe say a silent prayer.

And then you take that step up.

And as a result, your life is either wonderful, or it sucks.

If you are a scale addict, you have given your power to this simple tool, and have chosen to interpret the data it gives you to determine your worthiness as a person.

On the other hand, maybe you’re a scale avoider.

You will go to all lengths to not step on that scale.

Like miss a few years of doctor appointments to avoid hearing your number. Or when being weighed is inevitable, I’ve seen people get on the scale backward… they not only don’t want to see the number but have taken sworn affidavits from the medical staff not to whisper the number out loud.

And never knowing their number lets them live in that euphoric yet empty state called ‘denial’. If you never know your number, you might be ignoring important clues to the state of your health.

So where do you stand?

On or off?

Can you weigh yourself without letting it ruin your day?

What if you like the number you see and you are euphoric? Is that okay?

Here’s the deal. The scale is neutral. The number is neutral. But what you make it mean is pretty big. Good or bad.

I’m wondering why someone like you, someone who has so many amazing qualities to bring to the world would default all judgment to a scale. Really??

I guess what I’m coming to is that neither extreme is in your best interest.

What you weigh is just a momentary fact… a measurement of your physical being. It means nothing about you: you as a person, a mother, a wife, a friend, a creator, a giver, a lover.  Nothing.

Unless you give your power away to your scale.

How often you weigh in is up to you. No need to be obsessive about it.

But no need to be in the total dark, either.

You decide. Just don’t make it mean more than it does. It’s just a number.

Are You Upset That You’re Not Losing Weight?

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

upsetYou’re trying to lose weight and you’re upset about it.

You’re busy.

Doing things for yourself.

Focusing on what you will eat.

And what you think you shouldn’t eat.

Weighing yourself.

And with all this activity, your weight remains unchanged.

What’s the problem?

You are doing lots of things but they aren’t the right things.

And they are taking you in the wrong direction.

So, no weight loss.

It doesn’t matter how busy you are if what you are doing isn’t aligned with what you want.

Take a look at your day, your actions, and your goals.

Do you know where you want to go?

Do you know what it will take to get you there?

Those are the things you need to spend your time on.

Not just the busy stuff, related to the world of weight loss.

Get out your compass.

Face north.

And take those little steps that are on your map.

If you don’t have a map, get help.

If you aren’t losing weight, the first thing to do is figure out why.