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Living Your Life With No Regrets

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

no regretsRecently, I treated myself to an hour of watching an old episode of Oprah’s Master Class series. This one featured Jeff Bezos, founder of

Amazon is a multi-million dollar company and is quite a remarkable and innovative creation. Oprah was asking Jeff how he made the decision to start the company, leaving a well-paying job to risk his future for a retail operation with no storefront.

Here’s what he said:

When he was pondering what to do and how to do it, Jeff imagined himself at age 80. From that vantage point he visualized himself looking back on his life.

Down the timeline back to Amazon’s creation.

His big questions to himself were: Will I most regret having done this, when I look back at age 80? Or will I most regret NOT having done this?

For him, it was a no-brainer. Looking back from his imagined future, he made the decision to start this mold-breaking company and took his first historic steps.

He called his decision process ‘minimalizing regret’, describing it as a geeky definition of living without regret.

I was intrigued.

Not only by the story of the birth of Amazon, but of this very cool decision-making tool. And I quickly began to see how much you and I could benefit from using it, too.

Think of your life.

Right this minute, everything in your life is a result of decisions you made in the past.

  • Your career.
  • Your relationships.
  • Your body.
  • Even to some degree your health.
  • And definitely, your happiness.

Now ask yourself, what do you struggle with?

When you make decisions for yourself right now, down the road of your life, you are creating your reality.

Your results.

If anything is less than good, less than optimal for you, look back to the moment of the decisions you made.

All the decisions in each area (body, job, happiness) added up to your ‘now’.

Is it what you hoped for?

If not, you’re not alone.

How can we take the concept of creating a life with no regrets and use it going forward?

To create a future of no regrets.

Well, what do you struggle with?

Think of that one area of your life and break it down into a series of decisions.

  • Should I exercise today or skip it?
  • Will I wake up early to finish my report or blow it off?
  • Should I spend time with my son this weekend or watch that reality show I like?

Each decision is a step towards your future.

And while each decision seems like a small, inconsequential drop in the bucket, all those little drops add up.

So visualize yourself at 80.

And look back to the moment of your decision.

Will you regret it if you exercise?

Or will you regret it if you don’t?

Now make the NO REGRETS choice.


You’re now being proactive in consciously creating your desired future.

Step by step.

Choice by choice.

It ALL counts.

Look back from your future self and guide yourself to create your life of NO REGRETS.

Truth #5: Choose Your Perspective

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

PerspectiveMost of us assume that the way we look at life is the only way there is. We tend to be married to our perspective.

Our perspective of ourself. Of our relationships. Of our work.

In short, our outlook of our whole life.

This means that we walk around with only half a vision.

We aren’t seeing everything there is to see.

The good. The not-so-good. And all the possibilities in between.

This creates a problem.

When our perspective is limited, we miss out on all kinds of things, and we’re not even aware that it’s happening. We begin to think that things just happen to us. And that we are powerless.

How can we enlarge our perspective and use it to get what we really want?

Step back. Realize that we need to consciously switch back and forth between looking down on our life, and being in our life.

We look down on our life, and see the big picture of where we are. This gives us the ability to plot our future… where we want to go. This perspective helps us create the motivation we need to move forward and reach our goals.

And then, we go into our life, on the ground. This gives us the ability to be in the moment, knowing what our next steps should be, making choices, one at a time.

We need to look at our life from both up in the air and on the ground.

And we need to create a rhythm of switching our perspective back and forth.

Up in the air, looking down to see where we are headed. And, on the ground, taking steps and making choices in the moment.

Are you married to your perspective? Would you consider a separation?