Ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday shoppers waiting to get in

Black Friday.

You know.

The day after Thanksgiving when everyone lines up at their favorite store at 4:00 a.m. to get a shot at getting one of 50 heavily discounted iPads, Prada purses, leopard print doggie raincoats, or Cabbage Patch dolls.

(Yes, I know I’m dating myself with that last one but I couldn’t resist.)

When the doors open, grown women stampede each other to get in the door and score the coveted goods.

The feelings:




Why? Because if you are one of these shoppers, you want to get your prize.

Now, come back to Black Friday.

Here's another perspective:

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving

The feelings I hear most about on this day, after indulging in a day of family, great food, maybe a little Dysfunctional Family Bingo, and a nap are:




Why? Because if you are a typical American woman, you overindulged.

You ate too much.

So what!

Let’s look at this holiday another way.

Your end game, your body, your weight are all the result of what you do on a regular, consistent basis.

Most months.

Most weeks.

Most days.

Most meals.

One meal? Thanksgiving?

It’s not a big deal.

It’s just a day.

You overate.

Life goes on.

So put away the shame, the remorse, and the disgust.

Move on.

And get out there and get in line for the thrill of the Black Friday hunt at your favorite retailer.

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