It’s a Miracle!


Why do you want to lose weight?

There are about a million surface reasons why most of us want to lose weight. Deep down, it comes to wanting to feel good about ourselves.

But in the heat of the moment, when you’re staring down a piece of cherry pie (my personal favorite) and you’re not hungry, it helps to have a really strong ‘why’.

How do you want to feel when you’re at your ideal weight?

Proud… confident… empowered?

How will you walk? How will you carry yourself? What will be different about you, besides your size? How will the people in your life treat you? How will you treat yourself?

Now, picture yourself waking up one day. While you were sleeping, a miracle happened. Your body is at its comfortable, natural weight.

Visualize yourself going through your day.

What would you eat for breakfast? Why? Would choosing this food feel difficult or effortless?

Do you exercise?

How does it feel to be in this new body? See yourself getting dressed. Picture it in detail. Go through your whole day, imagining all your actions and interactions, your thoughts, your feelings.

Notice how good you feel.

Now, come back to the present.

Everything in the miracle you just imagined can start right now.

Because all the good feelings you just had… came from your thoughts.

So, if you can imagine those feelings in your daydream, you have the ability to create them right now.

And the better you feel right now, the easier it will be to take actions that will lead you to your natural weight.

Take a hint from how elite athletes prepare for a competition: envision yourself at your goal weight–not just how you will look and what you will wear, but more importantly, how you will feel.

Choose these feelings for yourself now.

You’ll be amazed at how much easier weight loss will be.

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4 Responses to “It’s a Miracle!”

  1. Cookie, this strategy is useful in so many ways! I am wearing more administrative hats at my day job. It is so helpful for me to approach meetings with my co-workers after envisioning and feeling myself in a calm, fair, authentic place. I notice when my feelings are ‘right’, my thoughts are easier—way easier—to clean up! Thanks for your continued great work. xoxox

  2. Hey Joanie! You are such a great example of someone who continually applies all the ways we can choose to look at things, and eventually create better results.

  3. Kelly Hoffman says:

    Visualization is the hardest technique for me to use of the tools you have given me, but I see from your examples that it can be very useful!

  4. I think we all get better visualizing with practice. Try some details, like how you will act, what you will be doing, wearing, saying….see if you can conjur up a vision this way. C.