I’m Not the Life of the Party!

Life of the PartyHaving reached a certain age, after much consideration, therapy and coaching, I have come to recognize certain truths about myself.

When I was younger, I viewed these truths as faults.


Things to definitely work on, as in my goals for the year and New Year’s resolutions.

Now that I am mellowing and tuning into my own wisdom, I realize that these ‘facts about Cookie’ are not only NOT faults, but I have come to look at them as somewhat endearing qualities that I possess.

I can laugh at myself more, much to the distress of my daughters, who tend to be easily embarrassed.

So here’s what I’ve learned and have come to accept and yes, even love about myself:

Ok, so I’m not the life of the party. Any party. No matter what I wear or how I get ready. Never have been and never will be. 

But I know that I’m really comfortable and do well in small groups with intimate conversation.


I’m a latecomer to technology, social media and all things related to my computer.

But I’ve cobbled together a real business doing what I love, and learning or getting help in my weak spots.


I’m a certified introvert. I’ll never get up for karaoke, so please don’t challenge me.

But I’m an intense, intuitive listener. I’ve learned to hear between the lines. That trumps my singing ability every day of the week.


There are certain subjects that make my eyes glaze over and drool come out of the corner of my mouth. In the past, I’d work really hard to get better at these things.

Now I leave them to someone else, someone who comes more naturally to them. And I focus my energy on my own genius subjects. I’m good without being an expert at everything.


What do I attribute this maturity, this relaxing of standards, and this self-acceptance to?

And love.

It feels so much better to know who I am.

What it is that makes me special.

So, I’ll never be the life of the party.

I have a feeling I wouldn’t look that good with a lampshade on my head, anyway.

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