How To Stay On Track When You Travel

travelDo you tell yourself all kinds of stories about how hard it is to stick to your eating plan when you travel?

I used to do the same thing. Until I realized that it’s always within my control. No matter how many restaurants I go to. No matter how delicious the food. No matter how many unique experiences I have.

It all comes down to deciding. Deciding what you want to do ahead of time.

Deciding how you’ll eat. You don’t have to know WHAT you’ll eat. But if you have in place the basics of how you’ll eat, you’re all set.

Here’s why.

When you really want something, like losing extra weight and taking care of yourself, you need to make some big decisions. Ahead of time.

So when you’re out in the world, you don’t have to decide a thousand times what to eat, over and over again.

It doesn’t matter who you’re with. What the menu says. Or what country you’re in.

What matters is your decision to be committed to yourself. It’s your decision to be the kind of woman you admire. And this is something you decide before you go.

So all those little, several-times-a-day decisions are easy.

Because they’re all guided by the big one, which is:

I’m the kind of woman who takes care of myself no matter where I am.

And so your decisions will follow. And you can leave the stress at home when you travel.

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