How to Keep Going on Your Weight Loss Journey

journeyHow many times have you started on a weight loss program, and as soon as you run into a challenge, just stop and say, ‘I’ll start again Monday’?

Or you’ve been eating when you’re hungry, and stopping when you’re satisfied, and now the holidays are coming. So you conveniently slip off your plan, and tell yourself you’ll start again after the holidays.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday, the holidays, the beginning of the next month, before summer, after summer or next New Year’s Eve.

What matters is you are telling yourself you took a break, you took an action that is not the direction you want to go in on your journey, and so now you will just totally stop AND wait a while until the calendar tells you it’s convenient to restart your weight loss journey.

(Now that was a long sentence but I am really passionate about this. So forgive me.)


I disagree.

Life isn’t perfect.

You aren’t perfect.

And neither am I.

And when we’re learning something new, it’s completely natural and expected to hit a wall, learn from it, get up and keep going.

Hitting a wall doesn’t stop us from reaching our goals.

But hitting a wall and then consulting the calendar about when it might be convenient to reconvene your effort, well that’s what stops us from reaching our goals.

As weight loss expert Brooke Castillo has said, you don’t go shopping, reach a red light and turn around and go home.

You expect the red light, stop until it turns green, and then keep moving forward on your journey.

With our weight loss efforts, when something derails us, too often we stop, turn around and go home.

And then after some time passes, we gingerly poke our heads out, look around and give it another shot.

But what happens when we do this often enough is that we lose our perspective.

We start to think of ourselves as quitters.

And we get demoralized.

We lose our mojo.

We start to believe we can’t do it.

And that is a lie we have all told ourselves.

So here’s what to do:

Get up.


I don’t care if it’s a Tuesday or a Thursday, or if next Sunday is the vernal equinox.

Get up and start again.

And no more sitting down when you slip.

Errors are part of learning.

And I hope you make a lot of them.

So your learning will be really deep.

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4 Responses to “How to Keep Going on Your Weight Loss Journey”

  1. Kelly Hoffman says:

    The shopping/red light example was really helpful in illustrating the point of your blog. Thanks for giving a new perspective to those of us struggling with this issue.

  2. Hey Kelly, I think sometimes we don’t realize how much power we have in our own lives. When we start doing something and then come to a stop, it’s because of a thought we had. It’s what we are telling ourselves. Something happens in our life, and we make it mean ‘stop’. Maybe it’s better to think of it as ‘pause’ instead of stop. Pause, and then keep going forward.

  3. Jen says:

    All you say in this article is the truth.
    I’ve been on diets a few times and these breaks can be very sneaky… I owe my success to the momentum, and the breaks just kill it.

  4. Thanks, Jen. What’s interesting to think about is how to get the momentum!