How to Keep Doing What Works

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How to Keep Doing What Works

Keep doing what worksA while back, I completed a class on weight loss coaching. It was one of the most intense experiences in my life.

In a good way.

I love taking classes and view it as an integral ingredient for my happiness.

So, I finished the class and was certified.

And I had gained a few pounds.


A weight loss coach, training on weight loss and gaining weight?


Here’s what happened.

When you’re trying to make a change in your life, it usually involves stopping something you are doing and starting something you aren’t doing.

You pay attention.

You keep track.

In my case, I was on a daily forum, posting my thoughts, my feelings, my weight(!) and what I ate.

We were all totally focused.

We got into a groove.

And it worked.

After a few weeks of doing a new thing, we started to get some momentum.


We created the good feelings we wanted.

We think we’re over the hump.

And suddenly, wham!

We slip and slide and lose touch with ourselves and assume we’re back where we started.

That’s what happened to me.

During this intense class, I lost several pounds. Very close to my ideal weight. I felt great!

And then when class was over, the weight came back.

This happens all the time to my clients.

First, know that when you slide backwards from a change you’re making, you’re never really back where you started.

You can’t erase what you’ve learned.

It’s in your head.

But notice what you did.

You stopped.

Stopped focusing.

Stopped paying attention.

And stopped taking the actions that were working.

So, does this mean you need to keep doing what works, what you were doing to lose weight if you want to keep it off?


You do. Keep doing what works.

Change is a long-term process.

It’s challenging.

You are re-training your brain to take a new route to work.

And this requires practice.

Knowing this ahead of time helps you prepare yourself for your change to be permanent.

So, what can YOU do to make your change more permanent? (I am right with you here.)

When things are going well, stop and notice how you feel. This good feeling is your goal.

Look at what you’re thinking when things are going well. These are your new go-to thoughts that will keep you on track. Put them on an index card, on your fridge, in your car and on your computer. I’m not kidding. These thoughts got you where you are. Capture them!

Now, take a good look at the actions you’ve been taking. They worked, right? So, you need to keep doing them. For a long time.

Any change you make is a series of steps.

Of thoughts.

Of feelings.

And of actions.

You don’t just do them a few times and wake up a new person.

But once you’ve done them, and you feel good, just keep going. If you would like to read more on fitness tips and advice, check out Beachbody on Demand. Wondering how much does Beachbody on Demand cost? Feel free to visit their site and get all the information and help you need!

Keep focusing.

Keep tracking yourself.

And keep doing what works.

That’s the secret.

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Real Weight Loss for Real Women

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