How Much Pleasure Do You Get From Food?

pleasureDo you enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning?

How about a sweet after dinner?

What about some fresh bread with your salad?

The choices we have in the world of food are endless. So the pleasure we can potentially get from our food is also limitless.

But here’s the thing. If you get all your pleasure or most of your pleasure from what you eat, well… you might be eating a lot more than you need.

Good food is delicious, but so are talks with friends, a gorgeous bunch of flowers and even a sweaty workout.

Sex can be delicious, and so can a hard-to-put-down novel. Walking your dog in the spring or crisp fall feels wonderful. So does getting into a clean, comfy bed when you’re tired.

And a well-deserved nap in the afternoon when you can… that’s one of my favorite treats on the weekend.

Brooke Castillo once said that we need to ‘diversify our joy’. And this is what she meant.

If we get too much of our pleasure from what we eat, our lives become lopsided. We start caring too much about our next meal. Not because we’re hungry. But because we aren’t giving ourselves enough good stuff in other areas of our lives.

And, the good news is, this is something within our control.

We can all find many ways to bring pleasure into our lives. Pleasure that isn’t ingested.

Yes, brownies and pizza and ice cream are forms of pleasure. But I’ll bet you’ll be happier if you can look for joy in different places.

Enjoy your favorite foods. But don’t forget to enjoy the rest of your life. Put food in it’s place.

Maybe it gets the award for Best Supporting Actor in your private life drama. But how about deciding not to give it Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Spread your pleasure sources around.

It simply feels better.

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