How Coaching Saved Me

coachingA while back, right after the New Year, we had an icy night.

The next morning I woke up to walk my dog and slipped right down my front steps.


Big ouch!

Broken ankle.

Major pain.

Surgery that week.

And out of commission for a couple of months.

So how did coaching save me?

Through coaching, I’ve learned how to manage my mind.

As soon as the pain got under control, I knew I was at a crossroads.

I could go two ways.

One way was panic, depression and major worry.

And that’s how I have dealt with problems most of my life.

I would assume there was no choice but to feel bad because of what had happened to me.

But because I have been coached and trained as a coach for years now, this time I chose a different way.

I could see the road to fear and worry.

And I could see that I had a choice.

I never saw it in the past, but this time I saw the alternate path.

That path was to stay neutral.

For the first time I could see how I felt and handled this was totally up to me.

I didn’t have to go toward the feel-bad path.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

I was not ‘happy’ to be having surgery, pain or lose time being active in my life.

But suffering is optional.

And this time I chose not to suffer.

Did my ankle still hurt?

Yes, definitely.

Did I have some challenges ahead of me?

Yes, definitely.

But I chose to remain neutral.

And that made dealing with this injury easier.

So I still had pain, but only necessary pain.

And the other kind… wow!

I chose to bypass it this time.

What a great feeling!

And, my friends, I’m sharing this because if I can choose not to go into automatic negativity when something bad happens, so can you.

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