Do You Keep Resisting What Works?

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Do You Resist Doing What Works?


doing what worksThere are many, many women who make a part-time career out of searching for answers to their binge eating, their emotional eating and their seeming inability to lose weight.

They subscribe to lots of weight loss advice websites, in addition to companies that claim to have found the holy grail of weight loss… available in 30 day sizes and 90 day sizes.

They spend sometimes hours a day reading through emails extolling the virtues of fasting, taking supplements, and eliminating most of the foods they love.

Yet, when they do hit upon a true potential solution to their problem, a funny thing happens. You’d expect them to stop their search and start taking action.

But no. That’s not what usually happens.

These women find the solution not sexy enough. Or too hard. Or too long to show results. They want change but they want it fast, easy, exciting and comfortable.

The very nature of real change may contain some or none of these descriptions. Change means discomfort. Change means having insight, then practicing the heck out of something new until it takes hold.

We are so used to being in this mode of struggle that we don’t see the point where we’re supposed to stop searching and dig in!

When we find what works and resistance sets in, we want to do what’s most comfortable. And what’s most comfortable is to continue our search.

That will never get us to the result we want.

Slow down and pick a solution that makes sense to you. That others like you have tried and had success with. That doesn’t claim to be effortless, easy and quick.

And then give it time. Enjoy the process. Cultivate some self-compassion. And create a big, strong ‘why’ for your journey.

When you find what can work for you, stop searching. Deal with your resistance head on. Settle in and do the work. Take all that energy you used to use searching and apply it now to doing.

Find what works. And then stop resisting it.

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