Dealing With the Afternoon Slump

Last week I wrote about the importance of taking some time in the morning and checking in with yourself. Setting your intentions in the beginning of the day programs your brain with a goal of how you want to think, feel and act.

Girl having afternoon slump

It works.

I hope you’ve taken a look at my worksheet, The Daily Check-In, and are using it to have a better day.

So what happens when you set your intentions in the morning? You go along, having good thoughts planted within and hopefully beginning to implement your desired actions.

But, as the day goes on, what commonly happens is the late afternoon slump. You’re tired. Your blood sugar may be low. And the lofty intentions you set in the morning are lying in a heap on the floor.

This doesn’t mean anything is wrong, with you or your plan. It simply means that it’s really common to feel like you’re running out of steam by the afternoon. And when this happens, you need replenishment.

Replenishment means filling your cup again, figuratively speaking. It means taking a small break.

Breathing slowly.

Looking at your morning writing. Re-reading your intentions.

And recommitting.

To you.

How do you want the rest of the day to go?

Do you need a snack, a break, a walk around the block?

How will you handle the evening meal? When should you start preparing it?

How about a small reward for getting through the earlier part of the day? Listen to a song. Leaf through a magazine. Indulge in a quick call to a friend. Play with your pet.

Now turn your attention to anything you did that you feel good about.

What went well?

What are you grateful for?

Focusing on the good stuff, instead of what’s undone or didn’t go as planned is always an energizer and creator of good mojo.

With what’s left of the day reevaluate what you still want to accomplish and decide what to do next.

Now, move into the last part of your day with grace. Deliberately choosing your next steps always feels better than arriving at the end exhausted, depleted and frustrated.

Some things won’t get done.

That’s ok.

It’s even more ok when you make the choices.


The slump is over.

Into the evening you go.

Still feeling good.

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6 Responses to “Dealing With the Afternoon Slump”

  1. Nancy says:

    I love, love, love this download…I am recommitting to using this as it is such a powerful “keep me on track” tool not just for eating but for life.
    Thanks so much!

  2. Kelly Hoffman says:

    Thank you for this, Cookie. As always, great advice.

    Kelly Hoffman

  3. Oh, I just love your writing Cookie. Soooo good. Great tips and worksheet. You Rock! xoxo

  4. Hi Nancy! I’m so glad you are using it! Let me know any aha’s you get from this daily introspection. xo

  5. Thank you Kelly! So glad you can use this. C.