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“Thank you for the support and knowledge to help me get there.”

I can feel the internal changes happening and thank you for the support and knowledge to help me get there. I spent years suffering with an eating disorder and am so grateful I am finally at a place where I can unravel it, so thanks again for your part in helping that heal! ~Jeanie Harper

“I am making huge strides.”

I cannot even begin to tell you how your words screamed at me yesterday… in the sweetest, kindest way possible. I, like you, have always tried to be the best… the top of the leader-board. I kind of thought I was losing my touch until I recently realized that being my personal best was the most powerful victory there is. Thank you for the reminder!!! I am making huge strides… “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” ~Nancy Curtis

“I am down 37 pounds in 5 months.”

I have battled weight most of my 66 years. In January I found Cookie’s podcasts, and she made so much sense! Each time I hear her I come away with new tools to assist in making better choices for my health. For the first time I am enjoying the weight loss process – actually loving it! I am down 37 pounds in 5 months and now have confidence that my healthy lifestyle is permanent. Thank you for your gentle and insightful guidance, Cookie! ~Pat P.

“I clearly didn’t know how to do things differently… despite my strong desire.”

How do I begin to describe the transformation I’ve experienced as a result of working with Cookie Rosenblum as my coach? It truly is deeper than words can express. But I’ll try.

I’ve struggled my whole life with body image issues and emotional eating. I’ve never been able to maintain a healthy weight and feel happy about it. I’d given up dieting long ago and resigned myself to being heavier than I wanted to be and feeling badly about it. That seemed the only option because I didn’t know what else to do. I clearly didn’t know how to do things differently or be any other way despite my strong desire and all the dieting and health knowledge I had gathered through the years.

Enter Cookie and her wisdom, her guidance, her compassion, her deeply transformative coaching program, and her willingness to support me at my pace and on my terms so I could truly, honestly learn to make decisions differently, to think differently, to do things differently – to learn to do everything differently than I’d done it before – AND reap the benefits of that. To reap the benefits of healing my body image issues, learning to take excellent care of myself for the first time in my life, and yes, learning to eat like a naturally thin person.

After a lifetime of struggle, I’m free. And you can be, too. Work with Cookie and let yourself become the person you know you really are but haven’t been able to become on your own – despite your best efforts and all your hard work.

This transformation feels like a miracle and I love it! ~Margie Beiswanger, Indianapolis, IN


“I learned I can be around any food item!”

Working with Cookie has been exciting, educational and enlightening. I’ve entered coaching sessions with the topic being stressful long-time troublesome habits with despair and within a short time found I was learning about myself, how my brain works and how important it is to see that I create my experience with my thoughts and feelings. That I can live from the inside-out, rather than give authority to “diet experts” or diet plans.

My coaching experience has been the impetus to enable me to take more responsibility for my life, including and very importantly, my weight.

Working with Cookie has also been a lot of fun, especially the time I thought the chocolate covered almonds had to be put in the secret witness program. We laughed a lot about this, but I also learned that I can be around any food item, I make my own decisions and I whole-heartedly am grateful for this. The term master-coach fits Cookie perfectly. ~GP

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“It became easy to shed my extra weight!”

You may think the praise I’m about to give Cookie Rosenblum is excessive, because I really can’t recommend her highly enough, but believe me I am completely authentic. I’ve had a problem with my weight on and off my whole adult life (I am now 62). A veteran and drop out of Weight Watchers, and a cancer survivor, I had grown terribly frustrated with the 15-20 pounds I’d gained since my illness. Nothing I tried was working including Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Acupuncture. I’d come to believe that being overweight was my new normal—and I was really unhappy about it. With Cookie’s help I’ve lost 14 pounds, and more importantly, I’ve changed the way I understand my relationship to food. Once Cookie helped me understand how I was using food (eating compulsively, eating emotionally etc.) it became easy to shed my extra weight—and I’m not finished yet!

The first time I — by chance — heard Cookie’s Podcast, I was captured. I was so impressed with this intelligent woman who spoke from experience with clarity and insight. She made so much sense and she seemed to be speaking directly to my issues with food.

I’ve been a client now for 5 months and it’s no exaggeration to say Cookie’s program has changed my life. She’s wonderful to work with: smart, funny, and wise; moreover, her coaching really works! I feel “cured” and I’m so happy with my new way of thinking about food. I am confident that these changes are in me for good. Thank you, Cookie!!! ~Lisa A Raskin, PhD., Psychology and Neuroscience

“I feel like I have finally been freed from my own prison.”

My name is Mariela, I have had weight issues since childhood and as I got older and tried to deal with the weight I developed eating issues like self-deprivation, compulsive eating and just hating food or hunger in general. I simply believed my body and its “slow metabolism” were my enemies.

My journey with weight loss began about 4 years ago, through much effort, struggle, deprivation and just hard work I was able to lose 125 pounds and I thought I would be able to be at peace and happy at that pointthat didn’t happen.

I found myself at my “ideal” weight, eating the right foods for me, and still trapped by obsessive diet thinking and eating issues. I kept going around in circles where I would feel well for a little while, usually on a strict diet plan, but the minute something would deviate me from “my rules” I would spiral out of control into episodes of binge eating, feelings of guilt and shame and a need to over deprived and punish myself, I would gain 15 pounds on a holiday break and then wake up January 1st feeling like I had completely belittled myself and my intentions.

In a moment of clarity, I realized that losing the weight did not mean that the eating issues that had kept me company my entire life would also shed away with the pounds. They were all still there and they were going to lead me down the path of gaining weight if I didn’t do something different.

On the first day that I downloaded an eating disorder podcast, I came across an interview with Cookie. It felt like she was speaking directly to me. I knew I had to reach out to her. I bought her book and started doing some inner work. Once she started the group coaching program, I joined the group but I wasn’t sure how much it would help me.

It has been about 5 months since I started working with her and I feel like I have finally been freed from my own prison. I still have a lot of learning to do as old habits are hard to change, but working with Cookie has brought much joy, confidence and self-compassion into my life.

I am now focused on doing things that I enjoy, which include cooking and eating delicious foods that nourish me, and spending time with myself understanding what my needs are and how to make space for them in my life. Her style is kind and honest but also direct and clear. She understands that we are committed to working on these issues and gives you the tools in a way that you can apply immediately in your everyday life.

Finally, working in the group setting has been just an amazing experience. I finally don’t feel like I am alone in this path and I feel constantly surrounded by a great supportive network that truly has been where I have been and are so willing to offer their kindness and celebrate my successes in each step of this journey.

The change in me is evident to myself but also to my loved ones. I am more relaxed, I am now able to enjoy social situations in a way that honors who I want to be and they can see that. I see my journey going forward as a more joyful one filled with all kinds of emotions and with me fully living these emotions as supposed to muting myself with food. I’m truly grateful that I have Cookie in my life to support me and I know we will continue to work on letting the best version of myself shine through. ~Mariela


“I feel so free from all the food baggage I’ve been lugging around all these years.”

Today’s session is my favourite so far! I enjoyed the biggest “lightbulb moment” ever, and hours later I’m still basking in its glow. I feel so free from all the food baggage I’ve been lugging around all these years. I’ve got lots of work to do still, but I can’t thank you enough for guiding me along the way. Tomorrow will be great for many reasons, the least important being about food 🙂 ~FH, Edmonton, Canada

“The results have been monumental for me.”

I’ve struggled with bingeing, body, weight and food issues since I was 11 years old (and I’m now 43). When my husband died in September of 2013, my bingeing became even worse. And nothing was working. I had tried every form of therapy, I had been on every diet under the sun, and I was in a state of complete despair. My life had fallen apart and I was hurting myself and making it worse, when I needed to heal and be strong for my daughter.

I found Cookie through Kathryn Hansen of Brain Over Binge, who recommended her as a resource on one of her blogs.

I first listened to Cookie’s free recording about the 7 Essential Steps to Permanent Weight Loss. I immediately loved Cookie’s approach, her soothing and kind voice coupled with a very pragmatic, no-nonsense style.

I signed up for a free call and within a few minutes I knew I wanted to become a client.

What can I say? The results have been monumental for me!

I heard Cookie say recently in an interview, “People come to me because they think they want to achieve their ideal weight, but what they really want is their ideal life!”

For me this proved to be so true. I thought I was coming to Cookie as a solution for my bingeing and weight issues. But in fact, what I’ve gained is my life! She has given me the skills to change how I think, not just about food/body/weight, but about all aspects of my life. I’ve learned that it’s not about the food or the weight; it’s about how we feel in our lives!

Thanks to Cookie I’m now binge free, but more importantly, I have the confidence that going forward, my life will be full of joy, love, and abundance. She has taught me to honor myself, speak my truth, and trust my inner wisdom. ~Julie M, Brooklyn, NY


“By addressing the anxiety and changing my thoughts, I changed my behavior.”

Today was great! Just what I needed. The insight from our coaching session gave me some real clarity about what is truly important to me right now. I no longer have indecision with respect to the two choices that were weighing on my mind. I did not realize the result of all that indecision was a lot of anxiety and the action of my going to my standby coping mechanism of overeating.

Your insightful coaching helped me see that neither option is a “yes” for me at this time. I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to reach this clarity on my own. Best of all, I now know why I was overeating. By addressing the anxiety and changing my thoughts, I changed my behavior. ~Laurie B.

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“I had been a war-weary veteran of every imaginable diet program on the planet, and then I found Cookie.”

I had been a war-weary veteran of every imaginable diet program on the planet, and then I found Cookie. Gently, wisely, she started teaching me that self-nurturing, mindfulness and a specific strategy of thinking could help me lose weight, without every again having to go on a diet. It was like I was splashing around in a dim ocean for years, and someone let the sun in. Thanks to Cookie, I am close to being completely binge-free, a condition that has plagued me since I was 13 years old. Cookie is a gem! ~Lois Levine


“Real, true progress is being made.”

Finally. Finally. In all the years of struggling so very, very much and of trying so very, very hard, something, someone is actually helping me; real, true progress is being made. The right words allude me Cookie, but just for now I need to say I simply am so grateful for you, for the manner in which you teach and for how you are teaching me. It is and will change my life. ~Stacey Lowe

“Cookie helped me to look deep, very deep inside of myself and understand what the true causes are for my overeating.”

I’m so grateful to Google… After following multiple diets and exercises and still not losing weight, or maybe losing it first but then gaining it right back, I started thinking – what is wrong with me and why can’t I lose weight and keep it off? Why am I so dependent on food? And why do we (food and I) have such a hate/love relationship – I love it when I’m eating it and hate it after I’m done, feeling stuffed and uncomfortable.

So I figured I need to dig deeper, and I went to Google to do some research… and it brought me to Cookie’s website.

Since the first moment we spoke on the phone I was so impressed with her ability to listen and understand. Cookie helped me to look deep, very deep inside of myself and understand what the true causes are for my overeating. She never told me what to eat, how much and when. Instead she concentrated on my feelings and thoughts and my habit of “tuning out” when I was eating and consuming extra calories. She was very methodical while working with me and was able to put a structure into every session we had. Cookie taught me how to stay focused and “be present”.

Cookie is a very warm person, she is very approachable. Very quickly she became someone I could go to with my deepest thoughts, doubts, issues – someone I could trust. I’m not done yet with my weight loss, but I know – I will get there and on the way I will learn how to be a better and happier person; and I will never go back to the place I came from. Thank you Cookie! ~Marina Grinyuk


“I was able to get to the root of my eating issues.”

I call Cookie Rosenblum my angel! I have struggled with emotional eating for 15 years and it wasn’t until I started working with Cookie that I was able to get to the root of my eating issues. Finally, I feel free! Cookie provided me loving and caring support while guiding me to new perspectives, self-compassion, and a whole new take on living a happy life. She helped me re-connect with my body physically and emotionally. She encourages mindfulness, self-acceptance, curiosity, and self-discovery. Cookie’s wise words will be with me forever. I can’t thank Cookie enough for her extraordinary work! I love her dearly and encourage anyone struggling with similar issues to reach out for her help! ~R.R.

“When I cleaned up my thinking about food and weight loss, the rest of my life upgraded itself as well.”

When I first started working with Cookie, I just wanted her to tell me what to do, what to eat, and how to get through my day without overeating. I had been feeling out of control for so long, I just wanted to get some relief. And feel like I was on track. What Cookie taught me, was that I was never out of control. When I overate, it was always for a reason. And once I understood and was able to look those reasons in the eye, I felt a huge relief. It wasn’t some mystery that I could never solve. It wasn’t beyond me. It was simply the way I had been thinking. And my thinking ‘mistakes’ extended to my whole life. So when I cleaned up my thinking about food and weight loss, the rest of my life upgraded itself as well.

Do I eat perfectly all the time? No. But I don’t tune out anymore. I don’t bury my problems in food. I deal with my life head on, and food, while delicious, is no longer my main source of pleasure. It’s just one. I can say with confidence that I will never be back in that dark place I was when I started coaching with Cookie. And for this I am very grateful. ~Teri Steinberg,


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“Cookie is a powerhouse of information.”

Cookie has an extra-ordinary understanding of why we eat and how we can manage our minds to live a more healthy lifestyle. She has been a tremendous help to me and I would highly recommend her to those wanting a more healthy and on-purpose life. It’s not about a defined “diet”, it is about why we eat and how we think each day, and those little accumulative habits that lead us away from our goals. Cookie is a powerhouse of information, tools, and techniques and an excellent, compassionate coach. ~Sue S.

“She has taught me that happiness is the focus, not my weight.”

Working with Cookie has shown me that my weight is more a symptom of lack of joy currently in my life, rather than being predominantly about what I put in my mouth and when and how little I move. I expected initially that a personalized coaching approach would be a determination of an eating and workout plan that would fit into my busy schedule (similar to 100 other plans I’ve attempted), but that was not the focus with Cookie. Even in our initial meeting, she made compassionate, spot-on observations which would rival those of my closest friends, and she has taught me that happiness is the focus, not my weight.

As I master meeting my needs (some of which I just realized I had!), weight loss follows. I am learning to be proactive, instead of being reactive to the stresses of life and putting myself last. Working with Cookie has been eye-opening for me, and I am realizing I can be happy right now, instead of postponing it for when I thought I would deserve it – at my target weight. I definitely recommend working with her, even if you do not have a weight issue – the process of “getting happy” has improved almost every aspect of my life. ~Kelly Hoffman, Fort Wayne, Indiana


“I would strongly recommend her.”

Cookie was extremely kind and helpful in guiding me to uncover hidden beliefs that were keeping me locked in to certain eating patterns. She helped me recognize that trying to achieve a certain weight for happiness was self limiting. I discovered after working with Cookie that focusing on being happy in the present eliminated many of my self defeating behaviors and enabled me to eat more healthfully. I would strongly recommend her to anyone trying to lose weight or develop healthy eating patterns. ~S. R., Fort Wayne, Indiana

“I will never be the same.”

Thank you for facilitating a seven week journey from fear and despair into joy and freedom. I will never be the same since experiencing your work and I am truly grateful! ~April


“I had no idea that these coaching sessions would change almost every part of my life.”

I started working with Cookie to lose weight. I had no idea that these coaching sessions would change almost every part of my life for the better. I lost the weight that I had been trying to lose for almost 18 years.

Cookie helped me open my eyes to the amazing power of my own thoughts. Instead of following someone else’s diet, I learned how to create an eating plan that makes me feel light, energetic and cared for – never deprived.

I used to give myself ‘treats’ to feel better; now I am happier in my life, and I give myself ‘treats’ simply because they taste good. I no longer need them to make me feel better. ~Janet, Chicago, IL.

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“People are naturally attracted to Cookie and find her very approachable and helpful.”

I have known Cookie Rosenblum for 18 years. Throughout this time I have been incredibly impressed with her ability to synthesize complex material and make it understandable and useable. Her decision to become a weight loss coach was a perfect fit and she has expressed that fit through her success with her clients.

People are naturally attracted to Cookie and find her very approachable and helpful. Her ability to empathize and yet maintain a clear focus on goals is her primary strength. This is what makes Cookie such a valuable asset to anyone who chooses to work with her. I recommend her without reservation. Your body will thank you! ~Peggy Gower, Psy. D.


“I don’t worry about gaining the weight back.”

Years ago I did several stints of therapy, thinking that would help me get to the root of my weight problem. In short, it took a long time, I understood why I overate, but nothing happened!

Knowledge wasn’t enough. Coaching with Cookie taught me a lot about myself in a very short period of time, and it also helped me lose weight in a very natural way. I am SO grateful! I don’t worry about gaining the weight back; I have become an expert on looking inside and changing what isn’t working for me. ~M.A. Orland Park, IL.

“A soothing and truly helpful process.”

Cookie has a wonderful understanding of how limiting beliefs keep our lives small. She has guided me through the process of questioning my limiting beliefs and in a smart and gentle way helped me realize that the biggest things holding me back in my life, or making me feel bad were the thoughts I was telling myself.

Working with Cookie gave me the opportunity to move past these thoughts and start to see my life and options in a clearer and more positive way. Sometimes you need someone to help you see all the negative things that you tell yourself, and for me Cookie had the perfect blend of directness, psychological knowledge and just plain kindness that made working with her a soothing and truly helpful process. ~Lori Dube


“What I’m most impressed with is how much I now know about coaching myself.”

What I’m most impressed with, after doing Weight Loss Coaching with Cookie Rosenblum is how much I now know about coaching myself. Cookie shared all her tools with me. I can do this! I will never have a problem with my weight again. ~Barbara

“We worked on being happier now, instead of waiting to lose weight.”

I think I have been on every diet ever invented. Maybe twice. So what is different about Cookie’s program? We worked on being happier now, instead of waiting to lose weight. What a reversal for me. And guess what? The weight loss followed. ~Betsy, Indianapolis, IN

“It was fun to give myself this special time, just for me.”

Weight Loss Coaching with Cookie taught me to focus more on how I think than on how and what I eat. She was really good at pointing out some of my self-defeating behaviors, and helped me get at the cause of them. It was fun to give myself this special time, just for me. ~Liz S.

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