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You’re More In Control Than You Think

One of the lies we tell ourselves when we’re not happy with our weight is that we’re out of control. So, let me ask you: What’s your weight right now? Okay, now tell me why you don’t weigh 50 pounds more than that? What’s that you say? Oh, I see. You have an ‘upper limit’. …

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Why Overeating Leads to More Overeating

What triggers you to eat more than your body wants? It all starts with a thought. That thought leads us to a feeling, good or bad, it doesn’t matter. And that feeling leads us to take action. When we take action, we get a result. Overeat often, and the result you’ll get is extra weight. …

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Can’t Get Started?

Sometimes, the hardest part of getting where you want to go isn’t staying on the path and it isn’t finishing. It’s how to get started. When I work with private clients, we frequently make a weekly plan of action to get them started on their weight loss journey. This plan might cover areas like eating, movement, mindset, …

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It’s Time To Wake Up!

A while ago I went on my first college visit with my oldest daughter Sara. Since I attended a city college in New York, this campus visit was a first in many ways. I had never lived in a dorm, nor had I gone through the process of visiting and choosing a school. I had …

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Do You Suffer From F.M.S.?

Yes, you read that correctly. F.M.S. Not P.M.S. F.M.S. is a syndrome, or a theme, that runs through our lives. It stands for ‘fear of missing something’. I first heard about it at Christine Kane’s Uplevel Live Retreat. Christine suggested we use our down time, out of the conference, to network and brainstorm with our fellow …

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Dare To Be Mediocre

Tweet     Recently, one of my favorite clients came to me with a bad case of overwhelm. She was in graduate school in an accelerated program, caring for her family, working in her own business and was responsible for all the other little details of life that fill our days to the brim. She …

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Are You High Maintenance?

One of the things I’ve been thinking about lately is the concept of ‘high maintenance’. Who qualifies for that title, and who doesn’t. If you’re anything like me, when you hear the phrase ‘high maintenance’ you might think of someone like Paris Hilton. What also comes to mind for me are visions of a woman who is …

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The Self-Compassion Diet

A while back, a friend sent me an article she thought I might be interested in. It still stands out in my mind. It was from the New York Times, in the Health section, written by Tara Parker-Pope, entitled “Go Easy on Yourself, A New Wave of Research Urges”. The article talked about self-compassion as a …

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What Will It Take?

A while back, the Wall Street Journal had an article that caught my eye, entitled “Second Acts – What do you do for an encore?” The article profiled four people aged 50 to 65, all of whom completely reinvented themselves at midlife. One particular woman piqued my attention. Lisa Fisco. Lisa is a 50 year old …

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Thin Is Not Your Goal

If you’re anything like my clients, you probably think you’re too fat. You think you need to lose weight. Wow, that sounds harsh, even as I type these words. But the truth is that in our country, at any given time, almost half the adult female population wants to lose weight. That’s hard to imagine. So many …

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