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When Does Fun-Size Candy Stop Being Fun?

When Halloween is over, what happenings with all that leftover candy in your house? Are your fun-size treats still fun? Or are you paying too high a price for all the fun you’ve had? Halloween is a great holiday. The costumes. The decorations. And yes, the candy. Many of my clients start thinking about the …

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No Time To Lose Weight?

Are you constantly telling yourself that you don’t have enough time? To exercise? To plan your week? To take care of your body? To see your friends? To be alone? As you know, we all have the same number of hours in a week. Yet some of us accomplish all kinds of things that move us …

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Put On Some Socks!

I have to admit it; I love Raymond. I mean, I love ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’. Every single corny, over-watched, laugh-tracked episode. With the familiar characters that almost everyone can find some version of in their own families. It makes me laugh. So a few nights ago, I watched as Debra and Ray were seeing their …

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Do You Try To Rush Through The Middle?

Almost everyone I work with is very excited in the beginning. Ah, the beginning. The honeymoon. The bright-eyed, bushy-tailed version of you. Ready to do anything. In love with the thought of what’s to come. Hot for results. Hot for the end. Relish the Middle Very soon we progress to the middle. The shine wears off. …

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Vacations and Parties and Travel, Oh My!

Do you do well managing your eating and self-care Monday through Friday, but get thrown for a loop on special occasions and vacations? Many of us lead full, busy lives filled with restaurant meals, big events and some vacations. Our lives are literally filled with special occasions. To manage their everyday life, my clients develop a …

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Hold the Butter, Please!

I have a client who is lucky enough to be married to a wonderful guy who cooks. Frequently he has dinner waiting for her after a long workday. And yet. Sometimes he does things related to dinner that annoy her. Like butter the veggies. Or put salad dressing on the salad. So, what’s the big …

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Writing Down Your Weight

If you’re anything like me, or one of the many women I have coached, you’ve read a weight loss book or two. Maybe you have shelves and shelves lined with them. Perhaps they know you, in Barnes and Noble in the Weight Loss section. Or maybe they see you clicking away in, the world’s …

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You Are Not Deprived

So many of us fear deprivation. And one of the areas that we fear this most in is eating. Although we all want to live in fit and healthy bodies, as soon as we begin to create our new reality, feelings of deprivation creep in. Uh oh. I can’t do whatever I want. This isn’t …

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Stop Running From Discomfort

Recently I found myself in an old familiar setting. One of my teenage daughters had come home from school in a mood. Let’s just say, it was one of those teenage moods. I was in the kitchen with her, and suddenly realized that I was mindlessly snacking. I did a quick check-in with myself. No …

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Have You Plateaued?

The dictionary defines plateau as: to reach a state of little or no growth or decline, to stop increasing or progressing, or to remain at a stable level of achievement. To many of my clients, the word plateau is a dreaded word. It implies lack of movement, specifically movement towards their most desired goal… weight …

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