Be THE Best? Or Be YOUR Best?

Be your bestWhat’s the difference?

Well, when you want to be the best, you push yourself.

You compare yourself to what others are doing.

You decide where you fit in on the curve.

And you take actions based on your position.

(Sometimes you take NO actions based on your position!)

You also judge your worth based on that position.

Could striving to be THE best push you to leave your comfort zone and achieve a lot?


But it is hard to define.

And by definition, there’s only one in each category.

So, what does that make you if you’re not THE best?

Now, what if, instead, you strove to be YOUR best?

You push yourself.

You set goals.

You move out of your comfort zone

You don’t compare yourself to others.

You don’t measure yourself on the curve.

And you certainly don’t judge yourself based on your position.

BUT, you grow.

You move.

You change.

And your only comparison is YOU to YOU.

I don’t know about you, but to me, that feels a whole lot friendlier and more supportive.

Me? I’m going to work to be MY best.

The heck with being THE best.

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