Are You Chasing Your Ideal Weight or Your Ideal Life?

ideal lifeWhen most of my clients first start working with me, they come with a number.

They think they know exactly what they want to weigh.

Why? Because this is the number they weighed before they had children.

Because this is the number they weighed when they were a size 8.

Or this is the number they weighed when their marriage was really good.

But as we get to know each other and dig beneath the surface, we find that it’s not the number that they really want after all.

To most people, the allure of the ideal number is big. Because it represents so many things they think they will have when their body reaches this magical number.

But really, it’s not the number at all. It’s the life they dream of at that number.

It’s who they become at that number. It’s what they are capable of at that number.

It’s not the number you want when you want to lose weight, but the life you imagine you’ll have when you get to that number.

So here’s a unique idea: go directly for that ideal life, instead of taking the detour and trying for the ideal weight.

Skip the middle-man and take a look at your life now and how you wish it was.

Yes, of course it helps to learn how to eat and deal with food and your body. But it doesn’t help to make that your life’s work.

When you do that, you think you are solving a big problem. But in reality, you are making your world smaller. And then it becomes all about the food and the weight.

An ideal life, your ideal life, is about so much more. Your weight, your body and your food are a piece. But you can’t make a life from just one aspect of yourself.

So just for now, give yourself a break and stop focusing on your ideal weight. And spend some time thinking about your ideal life.

What do you want to do? Who do you want to be?

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2 Responses to “Are You Chasing Your Ideal Weight or Your Ideal Life?”

  1. Cookie, this is a brilliant post. Your reasoning holds true not only for weight, but really any issue one might have. You explain it all so clearly!

  2. You’ve got it Susan! If we dig a little deeper and uncover the real reasons we want anything, the ‘getting’ of it will be so much easier!