A Morning Routine To Get You On Track

Morning routineDo you ever plan in the morning to get things done, but somehow the day gets away from you?

Or really, really, really commit to working out and eating well, and yet, you get derailed?

Or go through your day and simply forget that you meant to take better care of yourself?

Well, I have been guilty of all three at one time or another. And even today, as a specialist in self-care and weight loss, I sometimes find myself not even on my own list.

When this happens, the first thing I do is back up.

What has to happen for me to eat well?

What has to happen to get my workout in?

And what has to happen to make sure I take some nourishing breaks during my busy day?

Usually, the bottom line foundation for all kinds of goals starts with getting a good night’s sleep.

Once you have that, everything else is smoother, flows easier.

And without it, simple things can become a struggle.

So start there.

If getting that sleep is a struggle, back up from that and ask yourself what has to happen to get more and better quality sleep.

Keep backing up until you have an answer.

And get your sleep.

Now, we come to your morning.

Before you hit the ground running, it’s really important to set your intentions for the day.

Take a look at this worksheet, ‘Daily Check-In’, and follow along with me. 

Start off with how you feel, and how you’d like to feel as you go through your day.

Do you want to feel peaceful, productive, energized, or joyful?

What do you need to think to create those feelings?

Write it down.

Now map out what you think you’ll be eating for the day. If your plans are flexible, and you may be in restaurants or with others, it doesn’t matter. You can still start with a ‘soft’ plan for yourself in the morning and go from there.

Think about what’s available to you, what you might need to stock up on and what you want to put in your purse to carry with you.

Don’t forget water and any supplements you take.

Next, let’s think about your exercise plan for the day.

What will you do?


With anyone?

Is there anything you need to do now to make it happen?

How will you give yourself some rewards or breaks or little bits of play today? I know it seems unnecessary to actually write these details out. But, from my own experience I can tell you that if you don’t plan it, your chances of it happening are slim.

Plot out some work breaks, some small things to look forward to for getting things done AND taking care of yourself. The object is to make this pleasurable. Not just another ‘to do’ list. This is for you!

Towards the bottom of the sheet, you will see ‘Your mantra for the day’. What thought, either a sentence or a phrase, will sum up how you want today to go? Write it here. For example, one that I use a lot is: “I’m in the process of taking better care of myself”.

Next, your Brag: this term is borrowed from fellow coach Tonya Leigh. Your brag is something you did that you are proud of. In other words, what went well?

And last, ‘Grateful’.

List a couple or few things that you are grateful for this day.

This simple worksheet will only take a few minutes.

But before you dive into being focused on the outer world and on others, fill your cup first. Fill this out and look at it a couple of times during the day.

Maybe at noon. And dinnertime. And before bed.

How did you do?

What can you do tomorrow?

Look at it through the focus of looking for the good.

Don’t use it to beat yourself about what didn’t go well.

And now on to the next day.

This little morning routine will help you stay connected to you, the most important person in your day.


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4 Responses to “A Morning Routine To Get You On Track”

  1. Thanks Cookie for your awesome Daily Check in. Well designed, I love it! It focuses a lot in a short check in type of way and is quick and easy to use. I so appreciate you Cookie. Big Hugs!



  2. Kelly Hoffman says:

    Dear Cookie-

    This is your best post yet. Thank you!

    Kelly Hoffman

  3. Oh Kim, so glad you find it useful! xo.

  4. Thank you Kelly! I know how much you love forms and worksheets 🙂