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Here's how to take what you're learning on the podcast to the next level.


Collection 1:

Episodes 1 - 52

Collection 2:

Episodes 53 - 104

I receive so many letters asking how you can take all the information I teach
in the podcast episodes and apply it in your own life.
That's why I’ve created these Study Guides - to help you do just that.

Do you love the Weight Loss Made Real Podcast?

Good! Because I’ve created something for you that will make your listening experience even better.

If you love the podcast BUT...

  • You're struggling to take what you hear and turn it into action, despite being a loyal listener...
  • You tend to forget what the main take-aways were from your favorite episodes because you can't find your notes...
  • You wish you had a go-to reference you could pull out and read when you're facing an obstacle...
  • You want to learn this material on a deeper level...
  • You're overwhelmed when trying to find which episode has what you need, when you need it...
  • You find yourself frustrated that you’ve listened to a whole episode and then realized it wasn’t the one you were looking for...

... then these PODCAST STUDY GUIDES were created for YOU!

Here is what the Weight Loss Made Real PODCAST STUDY GUIDES include:


A detailed table of contents that is 'clickable' - meaning that you can click on the episode title in the table of contents and be taken straight to the beginning of the notes for that episode.

No unnecessary scrolling through the whole study guide to locate a specific episode.


Easy-to-read summaries of all the main, most important concepts for you to take away from each podcast episode.

Summaries are 3 – 5 pages per episode, so you can be sure all the main points are there for you to easily access.


A direct link to each podcast episode for your reference and so you can easily listen while you read the summaries (with room to make your own notes!)


Room for you to take notes! You can make notes that are relevant to you and your life, right there alongside my notes – so that it’s like a coaching session with me!


An immediately downloadable digital document that you can download and access on your computer, phone, or other mobile device.

Take these notes with you and reference them while you listen on the go.


Episodes grouped by topic. I’ve included this handy feature at the beginning of each study guide.

You'll find a list of all the related podcasts for the most-asked-for subjects so you can quickly see which episodes will give you the support you’re looking for.

Then you can dive deep into your chosen topic with my guidance.


An action step for each episode – created by me especially for these study guides – so you can move ahead in your journey.


You can also print the digital study guides and have them bound at your local copy shop to make your very own printed study guide “journal” where you can record your personal journey.


Two downloadable versions of the Study Guide are all yours.

PDF with Journal Lines: If you’d like to print the guide (or a specific episode) and take hand-written notes, this version provides you with lines to write on, right next to my own notes.

Fillable PDF: If you like to take notes on your computer, I’ve got you covered! You can download a PDF that has blank text boxes on each page. Type in your notes right next to my own and save them.


These are NOT transcripts – they are so much more than that!

Over 190 pages of guidance and support in each study guide!

I know you want to get what you need, when you need it.

You don’t want to read through an entire transcript of an episode in order to locate the main takeaway you need right now.

Instead, for each episode in these Study Guides I’ve provided you with the main focus of each episode (right at the top), a 3-5 page summary with the main points, and an action step to help you apply what you’re learning.

You will be able to quickly locate information, main points, and helpful reminders.

These study guides will be a great aid to your weight loss journey!

I can’t wait for you to benefit from the study guides.

Take a look at the sample episodes from Collection 1 that I’ve made available for you to download, and enjoy the SNEAK PEEK.

Then be sure to get your own copies of the digital PODCAST STUDY GUIDE Collection 1 and Collection 2!

The Weight Loss Made Real


Colllection 1:

Episodes 1 - 52

Collection 2:

Episodes 53 - 104

Each digital Collection contains an entire year's worth of
weight loss teaching from Master Coach Cookie Rosenblum.

A significant value at only $47 each
an even greater savings when you purchase a bundle!

This product is delivered by Internet download only.
Because you will be able to download the entire digital product immediately upon purchase, there are no refunds.

This product is delivered by Internet download only.
Because you will be able to download the entire digital product immediately upon purchase, there are no refunds.
Once payment has been processed, you will receive an email containing the link to
download your digital copy of the Weight Loss Made Real Podcast Study Guide.

Thank you for your purchase. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, please email us at

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