Episode 90: What Are Your Weight Loss Expectations?

Episode 90: What Are Your Weight Loss Expectations?

When you set an important goal, like changing how you eat and learning to eat naturally, what do you expect?

Expectations podcast 90

What do you expect to happen? And how do you expect things to go?

If you’ve tried and failed at changing your mind and your body, odds are good that you haven’t managed your expectations.

Your expectations about how hard or how easy it might be. Expectations about how you will handle slips. And expectations about your abilities to literally change your mind.

I believe that managing your expectations at the beginning of a life-changing journey can make or break your end results.

And today, I’d like to coach you through taking a look at the expectations you have and show you how to edit those expectations so they work for you, and not against you.

Join me as we talk about your expectations in the world of weight loss.

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