Episode 79: Why You May Fear Regaining the Weight You Lose

Episode 79: Why You May Fear Regaining the Weight You Lose

Welcome back, my friend!

Imagine that you’ve done it! You’ve held on long enough to change the way you are eating. You’ve stopped eating emotionally. Maybe you’ve been resisting those urges to binge.

Regaining podcast 79

But oddly enough, you don’t feel confident and proud. You feel nervous and insecure.

Why? Because you may have used sheer willpower to accomplish your feat, and that isn’t enough.

That isn’t enough to change from the inside out. To change deeply enough that you do walk around feeling relaxed and proud and confident.

And my goal for you is that if someone asks how you eat or what you do for yourself, you might find it hard to explain, because these days you think: That’s just how I live!

So let’s talk about changing from the inside out, so you don’t fear regaining weight you lost, or slipping back into old habits.

I will see you in the coaching session.

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