Episode 71: Learn How to Trade Your Old Thought Loops for New Ones

Episode 71: Learn How to Trade Your Old Thought Loops for New Ones

If you’re like me and most of the people I work with privately and in my groups, you have certain thoughts that are your favorites.

Thought loops podcast 71

These thoughts go around and around in your mind, playing as often as the Top 10 songs on your local radio station.

The problem is, that many of these thought loops don’t help you. In fact, many of them keep you stuck and repeating old harmful patterns over and over.

Today in your coaching session we’re going to take a close look at your thought loops.

We’ll talk about what a thought loop actually is, how to know whether it helps or it hurts you, and why these loops are SO hard to break out of.

Of course, we will also talk about the way out: how to wake up to your own thought loops and decide what stays and what gets ditched, and why.

Join me in this coaching session and let’s take apart your Top 10 list and see if it’s worthy to be floating around in that beautiful mind of yours.

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