Episode 70: Why Do I Keep Saying “Screw It!”?

Episode 70: Why Do I Keep Saying “Screw It!”?

Welcome back! I hope you are enjoying these coaching sessions as much as I am.

Screw it podcast 70

Have you ever reached the point in your eating and weight loss journey, where things aren’t going well, and you say: “The heck with it!”

Or, “I just can’t do this!” Or, “I’ll just start tomorrow.” Or, “Something must be wrong with me.”

All these thoughts have one big thing in common: they stop you from moving forward and take you totally off track. They keep you stuck in a pattern of failure.

All are versions of screw it!

These are habitual negative ways of thinking when things don’t go as planned. And they all prevent you from achieving what you want most: peaceful eating and, for many of you, weight loss as well.

So today, I’m going to coach you about this common thought of screw it. We’ll talk about when it comes up, what it might sound like in your own mind, why you think it at all, and, finally, how to stop saying, “Who cares!” and what to think instead.

I will help you stop what constantly derails you: your seemingly innocent thoughts.

I will see you in the session!

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