Episode 64: How to Stop Making the Same Mistakes

Episode 64: How to Stop Making the Same Mistakes

Do you keep making the same eating mistakes? Over and over again?

Mistakes podcast 64

You know how bad it feels. You see what you’re doing. You see it happening. It’s almost like watching a movie, starring you.

And you feel helpless to step in and make a change.

Here’s how to do it. Here is the process you’ll take once you understand how change unfolds.

From unaware.

To aware but without responsibility.

From taking responsibility yet still doing what you don’t want to be doing.

And then to, voila, change!

When you see things differently, you will act differently.

Click here for a copy of the poem I love that so beautifully illustrates this concept.

Which chapter do you see yourself in? Does it help to know what’s next?

Let me know how you do.

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